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sexy asymmetric dress 1TGIF everyone!

I’m extra happy today and I’m not sure if it’s because  the weekend is here or because I have an exciting news I want to share with you guys! If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram – By the way, I think you should if you want to know about all the behind the scene posts 🙂 –  you probably already know that  I have been nominated by the fabulous Nikki Rae Chareiz for a Liebster Blog Award! I’m humbled and flattered by the opportunity! Be sure to check back soon if you want to learn all about the award and a little bit more about myself and also the amazing bloggers I nominated for this award.  

– Can you tell that I’m feeling sexy in this dress? When my husband called a couple weeks ago and asked that I get ready for a date in a new restaurant that he has discovered, I found myself reaching out for this dress.  “Bodycon”/form fitting dresses have always being my favorite, but for a little while now, I’ve stayed away from them. I didn’t think I was in good shape enough to be sporting form fitting dresses,  ( read more about it here ) but last time was a different story! I wanted to be and feel sexy for the occasion and there’s nothing like a “bodycon” dress to come to the rescue. It was love at first sight when I saw this ” Bebe” dress few weeks ago. I would have gone a size larger but it was the only one left in the store and I just wanted to go home with my new baby :-).


Bonjour et Bon Vendredi à tous!

Je suis hyper contente aujourd’hui ! Pas seulement parce que le week-end s’en vient, mais surtout parce que j’ai été récemment nominée par la merveilleuse Nikki Rae Chareiz pour le Liebster Blog Award – un nobel à en être fier! J’en suis bien émue et flattée ! Revenez visiter mon blog si vous voulez en savoir plus sur le nobel, les bloggeuses que j’ai nominées et un peu plus sur moi-même ! — Je me sens vraiment sexy dans cette robe ! Ce fut la robe idéale pour une sortie en amoureux que mon mari et moi avons faite. Les “Bodycon” ou robes moulantes ont toujours été mes préférées, même si pendant un bon moment je m’en suis éloignée, me convainquant que je n’étais pas assez “en forme” pour les mettre en valeur… (Lire Plus Ici) … mais cette fois-ci était toute une autre histoire ! 

sexy asymmetric dress 11sexy asymmetric dresssexy asymmetric dress 12sexy asymmetric dress 15sexy asymmetric dress 10 The shoes are from Steve Madden…Love them!sexy asymmetric dress 31sexy asymmetric dress 50

As always, thanks for visiting and cheers to a great weekend!


Liebster Blog Award 2014!
Casual Monday: Maxi Dress + an exotic twist!


    • August 29, 2014 / 4:47 pm

      Thanks Mel! Thanks for visiting!

  1. August 29, 2014 / 2:26 pm

    Oh, wow Edwige!! That dress is AMAZING on you! I love all the fun unique details in the dress. Your necklace adds just the right amount of flare! Well done:)


    • August 29, 2014 / 4:46 pm

      Thanks so much Robyn! I’m glad you like it 🙂 XoXo

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      Thanks for your comment my dear! XoXo:)

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      Thank you honey! I love your name by the way:)

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