Happy 4th, beauties! 

I hope you’re having the time of your life wherever you are! I’m having a relax, chill and eat day with loved ones. Today’s post is about this casual and basic look I sported a few weeks ago. Shorts are obviously a summer-favorite, and they’re pretty much my go-to for casual or park outings. I would totally wear this to a 4th of July or summer barbecue! Relax, comfortable, and cute. Would you? Speaking of which, I’m going back to enjoy! ūüėČ ¬†Off I go!¬†








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Happy Wednesday, beauties!

June is going by so fast; and I can’t believe it’s going to be a wrap soon. Just a few weeks ago we celebrated Memorial Day; and it was a fun weekend with family and close friends. We enjoyed a boat ride while we sipped on good wine, ate and chatted. Life is as simple as we want it to be, even though the ride can get really bumpy at time. Thankfully, this one ride was a smooth and fun one; and of course, I get to snap a few pics of this classic resort-inspired look for the blog. I think this can work as well as a fourth of July inspired look. What do you think?




Blue-slit Maxi-Dress




I was wearing a Michael Kors’ side slit Maxi Dress and Boohoo’s cover up as kimono. The ¬†shoes are from Nordstrom and I got the bag at TjMaxx. Necklace and belt are from WHBM.

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We’ve heard and read countless times how important it is to watch what we put in our mouth. As the saying goes, you are what you eat but, what about the products we put on our body or on our face? Reality is, this beauty industry is highly unregulated. These beauty companies use ingredients and raw materials with no regulations, review, or approvals from the government. Yes, there’s a minimal approval process, but with all the chemicals in those products which are absorbed by our body and which subsequently do us more harm than good, we need more than just a minuscule level approval.

The fact is, we as consumers need to take the matter in our own hands, and do our own research on the toxic beauty ingredients to avoid for example. We need to read labels on our products as much as we do for the food we eat… We need to educate ourselves and take proper actions! That’s one way we can ¬†take care of this one body that we have. It’s not as difficult as it sounds. Check out the quiz below; it will help you to getting started.

Think about your health, and how you love to invest time and money on the things you love. This is as important, if not, more important! Take the quiz now and educate yourself! 


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About Health IQ’s¬†Learn¬†About¬†Life¬†Campaign:

Learn¬†About¬†Life¬†is a health-education campaign, with the goal of driving more people to learn something new about their health.¬† To accomplish this goal, Health IQ has partnered with a select group of nonprofits and bloggers to produce and promote thousands of health related quizzes.¬† If you‚Äôre a nonprofit or blogger and want to learn about how you can support this campaign, email¬†cleo.kirkland@healthiq.com¬†with subject line¬†“Learn¬†About¬†Life…I’m In”


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Happy Tuesday darlings, 

I hope you started the week on a fantastic note, and that you had a great time with the super-heroes in your life on Fathers’ Day. My crew and I had a great celebration… I’ve shared a few behind the scene moments on my insta stories, and some of my friends there, have reacted positively to the fact that my husband gave our daughters and myself flowers on that day which was essentially dedicated to celebrate him as a Father. As cliche as it may sound, I can’t say enough how grateful and blessed we are to have such a loving and caring dad and husband.

This outfit post is a little overdue… I‚Äôve been trying to get it posted for the last couple weeks or so‚Ķ I must admit that I may be experiencing a little bit of a blogger burnout. If you‚Äôre a blogger, I‚Äôm guessing you know this feeling all too well, but hey! I‚Äôm glad I‚Äôm finally sharing it. I wore this sleeveless lace mermaid maxi dress to a friend‚Äôs classic Casino Royal-themed birthday party; and it is as beautiful in reality! Unlike most lace and mesh details dresses,this lace mermaid style maxi dress with v-neck, mesh paneling and partial lining details is very comfortable! It has the right amount of stretch and though it is a ‚Äúhugs the curves‚ÄĚ, it‚Äôs forgiving and flattering. I think this will be the perfect unique, elegant yet sexy dress for your up coming event! ūüėČ Get it here!¬†






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The emotion behinds this video, the story of this plane crash survivor will have you in tears! It’s a blessing and a gentle reminder to us all, that we should never take life for granted and every single day on earth it’s another opportunity for us to be grateful and strive to be and do the best we can. What’s your excuse? What’s my excuse? Every single ounce of breath that we take is sufficient enough to get us going and dream our wildest dreams.

Out of 109 people, Kechi was one of the only 2 survivors of the plane crash that had occurred on December 10th, 2005 in Nigeria. A tragedy that the nation has never forgotten. Even though doctors gave Kechi little to no chance of surviving her injuries, after numerous (about 70 in total) chirurgical interventions, Kechi fought hard for her life and pulled through! A miracle if you ask me. She now lives in Houston Texas with her mother, and is living a fulfilling life.

What we should take away from this story, beside the fact that miracles do happen every day, is that no matter what may have happened, no matter what we may¬†be going trough, as dark as the future may look, as long as we’re still alive and well, we should never give up on our dreams and goals. We should always cultivate a mentality and attitude of gratefulness… Remember, it could be far worse. This young lady has been through a lot (and I’m sure she still is), but her courage, her perseverance, her faith, and desire to make lemonade out of the lemons life has given her took her where she is today… and where she’s going!¬†

I’m living you today with this message in the hope that, Kechi’s story will move you and give you hope, and inspire you to go for that whatever dream you have deep in you. Watch the video below and see how she stuns the judges at America Got talents! ūüôā Enjoy!



Kechi is an inspiration for us all, and I admire her for her strength, determination and performance! I wish her the absolute best in life!

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Love, light, and blessings!