Happy Friday loves! 

It’s official! My new online clothing and accessories store is live! If you didn’t read my previous post here, be sure to check it out.  I shared a little bit about this long-time goal dear to my heart, and I wore in that post one of the many gorgeous dresses in our collections. I’m very appreciative for all the support, words of encouragements, positive and constructive feedback that I’ve been receiving since the announcement and launching of the store. It means a lot to me; and just so you know, you guys are the real MVPs!

L’effet Glamour is French of  “The Glamorous Effect”. My goal is to keep on with my vision of women wearing  elegant, beautiful, sophisticate, glamorous, and timeless pieces without breaking the bank. Our Philosophy is Affordable Luxury.

Even though this is a humble beginning, words can’t describe how grateful I am, just been able to live what I love. A little accomplishment, but an accomplishment nevertheless! Well, I know you know by now, how excited I am… 😀 but I’m also a little nervous. As for the beginning of anything we put our heart and soul in, we pray and hope for success, while we do the work involved. I believe in a great support system in anything we do; and I know I can get a great deal of support from you. So, this is me inviting you to pay me a visit over at www.leffetglamour.com! Just click on the “SHOP” button in the menu bar and it will direct you to the site. Our goal is to grow our inventory with more selections and collections, but I do hope you will see a few things that you will love in this first collection! Browse, shop 😉 , sign up to receive our newsletters to stay up to date and… Share the love with family and friends! I’ve learned in one of my business classes that the number one reason small businesses don’t succeed is because they don’t ask for the support they need or they simply don’t ask their customers to buy… so this is me asking you, my readers, for your support! 😉 Let’s all grow this experience together! Thank you! 


Love & Light, 


P.S: You will find all the pieces here in this post (and much more) at www.leffetglamour.com


black-details-and-long sleeve-slit-dress

Hello friends!

Can someone just stop the time!? I know I’m starting to sound like a broken record when I say time is flying by so fast, but wouldn’t you agree? Just like that, we’re ushering into March! Wow! However, I have to say that I’m quite excited about the journey ahead…

I have kept some things quiet here lately, but I think it’s time to reveal one of the things that was cooking, let’s say for about a couple of years now. Well, I’ve learned this the hard way, but I guess what they say about keeping your plans to yourself until they come to fruition has its own part of the truth. If you’ve been following me since I launched my blog, you’d see “Store Coming Soon” under Shop on my menu bar which implied that it has always been in my intent to open an online fashion store. Sharing #Ootds and lifestyle posts with you has been and still is my greatest pleasure, and like I always say, if I can inspire one person – just one person – in a certain way, my mission here is accomplished. However, I also want to allow you guys to shop fashionable yet affordable pieces, carefully selected and/or design by myself. Yes! There are big things in store for you guys. 🙂

To many of you who have continually inquired and supported me throughout the years and also to those of you who may have just been informed about this fondest desire of mine, I’m happy and blessed to announce that my online boutique L’Effet Glamour will be launching at the beginning of March! Yes in two days! How exciting is that! You can shop directly from my blog under the shop menu bar which will redirect you to the store website. And guess what… To celebrate our store launch, we are giving away this gorgeous embellished  black dress with high slit. Sexy, isn’t it? This is just a preview of our Spring dress collection; and you don’t want to miss out! There will be new updates and more collections.

To enter the giveaway, just head over our Facebook page here and follow the instructions! Also, follow us on Instagram for more updates, behind the scene moments and giveaways ! Last, but not least, visit our website www.leffetglamour.com and sign up to be notified when we go live and to receive new additions, promotions, sales and discounts updates!

If you love this dress on me, don’t forget to give me two thumps up by commenting below! Thank you for allowing me to share my journeys with you, fabulous people!

Check this out! 😉

black-details-and-long sleeve-slit-dressblack-details-and-long sleeve-slit-dressblack-long-sleeve-slit-dressDRESS: HERE – Will be available to purchase on March 1st | SHOES: similar | CHOCKER: Gifted.| CLUTCH: Similar

As always, thank you for stopping by; I appreciate your support and I’m looking forward to seeing you on www.leffetglamour.com

Love & Light…                            




Spring may not be here yet, but we can definitely feel glimpses of it. When birds’ chirping start getting quite insistent and the fresh odor of blossom flowers are starting to hit our nostrils, then we realize mother nature is reminding our brains the need to refresh, reboot, and re-energize. And while we’re often ready for a fresh start, it’s usually not that easy to take actions and freshen up our surroundings, our mind and even our body. Well, these 5 simple tips should get you on the way to a fresh new home and self, if you don’t know where to start. 


1 –  Clean, Pare Down, And De-clutter.

A clean house is a peaceful mind. Whether you like cleaning or not, you must take proper measures to ensure your house is clean if you want your home feeling refreshed, peaceful, and welcoming. In fact, you may need some deep-cleaning to welcome the warmer months if you don’t have the habit to clean periodically. If you have an aversion to household chores, you may want to hire someone to do the job for you. While cleaning your house is a vital priority for a refreshed mind and home, de-clutering your overflowing closets and any cluttered surfaces will take your clean-slate to the next level. Give any of these cluttered spaces a quick assessment and sell, donate, or give away anything you’re not using or will likely not be using.


2- Air It Out .

After a long winter season with a stagnant, harshly dry air, there’s no better way to inviting Spring into your home by kicking the dust and dirt out and bringing in a breeze of fresh air! Open all the windows or turn on the fans if you have them to aid circulation aeration; then turn the heat off, and go for an hour run or errands. Trust me, you will come back to a refreshed and re-energized house.

3- Change Winter Decor And Linens To Spring Ones

If you love swapping decors in between seasons, you’re probably using sheepskin, fur, heavy wool and acrylic blankets, pillow covers, trows etc, in the cold weather. Well, now it’s the perfect occasion to swap winter flannel and duvet and all other heavy wool back to less heavy options. 

4- Bring Some Flowers And Trees In!

Flowers and trees can instantly transform your decor and give a breeze of fresh air and cheerful atmosphere to any home. We don’t really care if there’s snow on the ground… Bring Spring into your home with beautiful and sweet lilacs or hyacinths, blossom cherries, cheerful daffodil, fig-tree, magnolia, or muscari… Endless options you have here, depending on your preferences and what you can tolerate, health wise.

Image Via : avso.org

5- Transition Your Wardrobe

We can’t talk Spring without touching on Spring Fashion, can’t we? Well, nothing says “Hello Spring” better than brightly hues clothes and accessories and colorful prints and patterns! And since Spring weather is very unpredictable, meaning the weather can change drastically from one day to another (Hello allergies), while storing away, the heaviest and bulkiest coats, sweaters, wools and boots etc… You should keep in mind that the weather can swing from Still-Winter to almost-Summer temps. That been said, layering should be your best bet. Now, it’s time to make room for your trench coats, blazers, cardigans, lightweight sweaters, scarves and leather jackets. 

Floral Spring Dress from L’effet Glamour


Bonus: Detox your body.


One more thing I personally like to do, to welcome Spring is cleanse my body. Detox juice is a great way to refresh and reboost your mind, body, and energy! You can make your own or get store-made ones if you prefer. I will share some of my favorite detox Juice with you soon… 😉 


ways-to freshenup-your-home-for-Spring

Now tell me, do you usually do any of these to freshen up your home for Spring? How do you get ready for Spring in your home? Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day! 




TGIF everyone!

Isn’t it interesting when they say not to judge a book by its cover, but inevitably it’s usually what we do. Human’s nature right?!

My husband and I were out for a pre-Valentines Day Dinner last weekend and while some others were asking about my outfit, I caught more than once the waitress’ eyes gliding down my fingers, and going back to my husband’s. The matter of the fact is, I didn’t have my rings on. I’m going to spare you the odd details, but anyone who knows my husband knows that he’d find a silly and funny way to make her dive even more in her imagination and assumption, but I totally lost it when on our way out, he said : “Thank you for an excellent service tonight… Here’s a $$ tip for not telling my wife that I was here tonight with another date, which, by the way, happens to be wife…” 😀 She instantly turned red and couldn’t say anything but “Thank you, sir.” LOL. Well, long story short, I think it’s just another reminder and motivation for me right there to work on losing those stubborn extra pounds and stop taking my rings off sometimes.

Back to the outfit of the day. – (I’m sorry, but I just had to tell you that story) 🙂 – I’ve owned this jumpsuit for years and I think last time I wore it was at a friend’s Birthday party a couple years ago. Don’t ask me why, but for some reasons unknown to myself, it was the only thing I wanted to wear that evening. I added my oversized silver shimmered duster for an elegant touch and to also keep warm. I “glammed-up” in all-silver for my accessories and shoes and added a touch of blue for a pop of color. 😉  I hope you like it… 


I appreciate you for stopping by! Have a fabulous weekend!

Love + Light, 


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Happy Monday lovelies!

When I see this multi print midi skirt, all I could think of in this gloomy Midwest weather is Spring! The colors are so vibrant and the prints are so fun! The patchwork is beautifully done and guess what… it has pockets! 😀 A perfect bold and sassy number to debut the warmer weather, but obviously I couldn’t wait any longer! Ha! Who can’t blame me!? Lol I must admit my friends at Nomose Couture are  to be blamed though. Seriously, their skirt collection is so amazing; and it’s a good thing that you can wear them all year long. For a Sunday brunch with a group of amazing people, I decided to bring my own extra dose of sunshine! So, I styled this Ankara multi print midi skirt with a bright yellow top and added my color block high heel peep-toes. I guess it was a little in anticipation of Spring (or summer, for that matter), but boy was it worth it! I was showered with lots of compliments even from strangers! When mother nature is reluctant in giving it to us, you just gotta bring your own dose of sunshine and positive energy; and what better way to do so through your outfits. Do you see me styling this skirt in different ways when Spring or Summer is actually here? I can’t wait! However, this is the good news, you don’t have to wait! Go grab this skirt before it sells out and get ready to step into Spring in Style! Better yet, create your own Spring right now! 😉 

 Bonus… Use coupon code “HYPNOZGLAM” to get a 10% discount on your purchase. Before you run there though, how do you think I did with this outfit?

SKIRT: c/o Nomose Couture. Use “Hypnoz Glam” at checkout to receive 10% off  your purchase| TOP:  L’effet Glamour | SHOES: Old.


SKIRT: c/o Nomose Couture. Use “Hypnoz Glam” at checkout to receive 10% off  your purchase| TOP:  L’effet Glamour | SHOES: Old.


As always, thank you for reading and have a great start to the week!