camel-coat-and-ankara-statement-necklace 1Happy Friday beauties!

Mother nature is really going bipolar on us here in the Midwest! Spring may be here and the sun may be shining out bright, but the air is still cold and even freezing at times. I’m pretty sure my fellow “MinneSnowtans” know exactly what I’m talking about! Well, when the weather is as unpredictable as the one we’ve been experiencing lately, I’d opt for a lightweight coat and a nice little top or tee and a scarf (or have one close by). You never know when the temperature might flip, so layering is the way to go! I’ve styled this simple and casual look with a statement necklace to run errands a couple weeks ago. This Ankara feathered and buttons neck-piece is very gorgeous. Such a statement piece! Supposedly, we’re going to experience a nice weather this weekend and we plan of making the best of it. What are you guys up to? 

camel-coat-and-ankara-statement-necklace1 11camel-coat-and-ankara-statement-necklacecamel coat and camel hat 2!!!!!!camel-coat-and-ankara-statement-necklace !!12camel-coat-and-hat-and-ankara-necklacecamel coat and camel hat 22camel-coat-and-ankara-statement-necklacecamel coat and hatcamel coat and camel hat !!!!!2

COAT: HERE| TEE: HERE | HEELS: Aldo| HAT: old|NECKLACE: Custom made (Dakrol Creation)| PANTS: WHBM| Purse: Here

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Who would have thought stripes would be “a thing”?! flashing back to the old days, stripes were referred to whether as inmates’ uniform or a fashion misguide where we were told stripes, especially horizontal ones, make you look wider than you actually are. Okay, I’m being a little dramatic here, Ain’t I? Maybe It wasn’t that bad. It just depends on the type of stripes and how you decide to show the world your sense of style. Opinions, much? It could possibly be a misconception or one would insist there’s a definite truth to that statement. Either way,  my guess is stripes are not going anywhere any time soon. A trend we are to be seeing more and more in the current season and the coming ones. My 10 years old once told me “stripes make everything fun and pretty”. Wouldn’t you agree?  Funny thing is that was exactly my sentiments when I opened my recent haul of shoes where were sitting a pair of striped heels just looking good and looking at me! A typical moment of “the little kid in front of his new toys”.  As the saying goes, pictures are worth a thousand words, so here’s a snap shot of my new striped babies and an equally pretty pair of floral ones, which I’ve shared on IG.

Both shoes are from Just fab

 I’ve spotted quite a few bloggers rocking stripes (I’m sure you have too); and I love how the beautiful blogger at the age of grace is rocking her stripped shirt with these sailors pants.


FABULOUS, isn’t she?! And those sailor pants have been on my wish list for so long, and now they are sold out in my size. Ugh! Stripes on stripes may sound too much for some, but you can totally rock it when done well. I’ve styled quite a few stripped outfits on the blog in the past; and you can check out these post here and here for some inspirations…

Here are some other ways you can wear your stripes. Let me know what your favorite is.


Walk in the park

 TOP: Here | SHORTS: Here  | Sneaker: Here| WATCHES: Here | BAG:Here | Sunglasses: Here (Red is out of stock) Similar/ Cheaper version

Beach, baby!

 WIDE-LEG PANT: Here | OFF SHOULDER TOP: here or here | SHADES: Here | TOTES: Here | FLATS: Here love THIS |HAT: Here


TEE: Here  | PANTS: Zara (Similar) | PURSE: Here | HEELS: Here | LIPSTICK: Here |

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Having just to turn the page on a month that has been very hectic for me, I look back and realize that the last few weeks were far from being a walk in the park. Gosh, I’m not complaining, because God knows how grateful I am for the blessings and even the lessons. However, having to treat myself to a mini-spa in the comfort of my own home, to unwind and refresh when I needed it the most, was one of the most rewarding things I’ve actually done to ease the burden of the tiredness.

With the ended month being one in which we celebrated the International Women’s Day, we all chanted and praised the bricks of foundations, women are posing everyday all around the world, but there’s one question we women need to ask ourselves… How I’m treating myself? How am I taking care of myself? Reality is most women (and men) are out there caring for their loved ones and even strangers, working diligently to make the world a better place, but they have zero time and consideration in treating themselves. They just don’t! But the matter of the fact is, you must treat yourself, and you must do it unapologetically! 


This is not a selfish act, but in fact a self-love gesture toward your own psychosomatic health. If you don’t care for yourself, treat yourself to a whatever you love doing that will benefit not only your body, but your entire being, how well do you think you can take care of your loved ones in the long term? The thing is, well often, we think unproportionally big or out of our means and needs. The luxury trip to the 5-star salon or hotel, for example, may be your ideal “treat yourself” moment; and if you can afford that, hey girl, you totally deserve it! But, what if you can’t? Well, that’s where you call in your imagination; – A very simple one actually –  and If you don’t have your mini-spa essentials ready, a quick trip to a nearby store should do the trick… Lucky me, Soap And Glory and Boohoo were kind enough to send me some products and items which tended to my own mini-spa moment!  

While I was home alone sans the kids, I had a “Eureka!” moment. Maybe it wasn’t that big of “Eureka!” situation, but grant it, the unnerving and exciting idea of pampering myself was quite enchanting. So I decided to treat my face to a Soap And Glory face mask that was in my goodies package and then I enjoyed a nice, warm, and soothing bath with all the bell and whistles… Yes! You can lit scented candles, add some aromatic or therapeutic oils and petals to your bath, and let an enchanting music of your choice playing in the background. I did; and it was suave and debonair!

Now, what would be a pampering moment without the feel of a soft and smooth skin afterwards? Soap And Glory and Boohoo have come to the rescue again.  It was time to tune in to a re-run of a favorite TV show and pamper myself to a soft baby skin. We all love and yearn for that soft baby skin, don’t we? 

If you haven’t tried Soap And Glory’s ” The Righteous Butter”  and “Hand Food” cream this might be the season to stock up on a couple of those and get your skin ready for the beach and those summer outfit days. Without even a feel to the touch, I appreciated that the scents weren’t overpowering. After my bath, I butter up myself with the Righteous Butter (which is made with softening Shea Butter and Aloe Vera) and it soaked right into my skin and left it smooth and soft.


I love it; and while I’m working on getting my Summer body ready to show off the bikini ensemble boohoo has sent me along with these pampering products, I might as well, keep treating myself to these mini-spa moments whenever I can. Why? Because I deserve it; and so do you! Treat yourself, girlfriends! 

Cheers to a fabulous week ahead!



” I participated in the “Treat yourself” campaign and these products were sent to me free of charge. All opinions are my own”



blacksuit-with-yellow-top-from-leffetglamourTGIF everyone!

I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited that Spring is finally here. I know it’s not quite warm yet to put my winter coats away, but I’m pretty sure in a few days, they will not be needed anymore. Do you guys realize we will be welcoming April in a few hours. Ugh! Where is time going anyway!? March has been unarguably a busy month for me in both my career and personal life, but I try to balance out everything as much as I can. It can be real exhausting wearing several hats at the same time – Being a mom, a wife, a friend, a daughter, a sibling, a blogger, an entrepreneur… But it’s not impossible to make it work; and every day is a new day. Hats off to all the amazing and super women out there balancing it all! You rock! 😉 Tomorrow will mark a month since I launched my online store; ( You can read about it here or here)  and I must say, It has also been another daily challenge added to my workload, but I’m very grateful for the  blessing and I’m not complaining. To all of you who are supporting me, I’m grateful and very appreciative! You all are the real MVP’s! 🙂 

My outfit of the day, is a reflection of my uniform lately; running between meetings,  mommy duties, and where not.  Fortunately, I managed to snap these pics in the midst of everything and here’s to today’s post. I call it Boss It Up… I hope you like it! 


Thank you for reading lovelies! I hope you have a fantastic day!



Outfit details:

Blazer: Here

Top: Here also seen Here.

Pants: Here

Heels: Here

Purse: Similar


It’s a new week, loves; and I hope you make it a great one! It’s all about Spring; and Spring decor has to be one of my favorite of them all! Any excuses to decorate or redecorate the house are welcome; and what a better time to freshen things up a bit than Spring!? These functional and simple decor ideas will brighten up any dull day. Enjoy!


1 – All Things Flower

Thank goodness for non-plain curtains. Blossom the bloom in the room by choosing colorful or prints curtains. Need an extra dose of flowers? Easy! You can never go wrong with fresh flowers to freshen things up even more. (Unless you or anyone in the house is allergic to them, of course) 


2- Freshen Up The Wall

Wallpapers are fun and can really freshen-up a room instantly. With whatever theme you’re going for, just make sure it doesn’t clash with the rest of the décor in your room. My other suggestion will be to go for a peel-and-stick wallpaper option. They make the job easy and also give you the option to easily remove them when you decide it’s time to switch things up again.


3- Artwork Works

Don’t believe me? Take a look at these flower artworks! – A breath of fresh air.


4 – Green With Envy.

Bring the “greens” into your home. Okay, maybe not all of them. Whether it’s a plant, green decorative accents, or even green reupholstering dining chairs for a dramatic look, you will be sure to go from warm winter decor to bright and fresh spring affair.

reupholstering dining room chairs.

5- Pretty And Soft Palettes

Sometimes, all you need is a pretty and soft palette such as a pastel paint on the wall to bring a breath of fresh air and peacefulness to the room. Go a little further by choosing a similar tone (but in deeper hues) chairs’ cushions for example or some pretty accents to bring everything together.


6- Blue Done Well

The blue in this room is so elegant and charming. If shopping for a blue couch is not an option, you can bring in any blueish small furniture or decorative pillows or accents. And who says you can’t match your decor with your outfit? When Fashion and decor meet…

reupholstering dining room chairs.

7- Elegant With A Touch Of Green

“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication” – When you see this living space only adorned with simple and beautiful plants which brings out the contrast against the shades of grey in this room,  you will understand why I quoted the great Leonardo Da Vinci. 

reupholstering dining room chairs.

8- Orange Is The New Black 

Well, let’s not get it twisted, friends… The only orange I’m talking about here is the one in this room 😉 ; and it can’t get any more springy than this. 

reupholstering dining room chairs.

9- Pretty Pink

Love Spring… and Pink? This room says it all! Hello Spring!

reupholstering dining room chairs.

10- Pop Of Yellow

While this bedroom may seem a little too dark to my own taste, I do like the glam look, the soothing feel, and the subtle pop of yellow. I think it’s a nice example of a minimalist transformation. You loose nothing of your interiors decorating style, but still feel and enjoy the essence of the new season air by adding a subtle touch of color. Lively! 

reupholstering dining room chairs.

I hope you find this helpful. Take that challenge and dare spring-up your home or office! And if you need any help, send me a message;)

As always, thank you for stopping by.