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I can’t believe Fall is not in full effect yet… At least not where I live. Is that a good thing? I do have the feelings it’s not  going to be for too long, though; Until then, I have to admit that, I’m enjoying showing up and showing off in cute little dresses or outfits such as this one! The best part about this floral prints ankara dress is that you can actually style it for the current season. Just add some tights and boots, a nice jacket and you’re ready to go. I’m planning on taking me up on this suggestion, so you can be in the lookout for another Fall outfit inspiration with this dress. For now, let me just bask in the glow of a short vivid sun dress!

The print is gorgeous and I fell in love with the sleeves, but can we talk about the yellow mesh detail? It’s so adorable! Everyone at the cocktail reception I attended, agreed on that.

These black & gold details booties were the perfect choice to compliment the dress! See how else I styled them here! They’re so versatile and I love that. If you love and need a good little chic dress with some fun twists in your closet, this is it! I recommended this dress for a client for an upcoming photoshoot and she loved it!

That’s all for today friends! Enjoy the photos and leave me a note in the comment session if you like this post. 












I was wearing:

DRESS: c/o of Nomose Couture Use code “HYPNOZGLAM” for 10% off . SHOES: Also seen HERE (Similar), Love these | Necklace: Similar | BAG: Similar |

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Tracee Ellis Ross has made a huge announcement, recently! She is releasing a holiday Fashion Line in partnership with JCPenney and I’m here for it! The affordable Holiday Fashion Line ranges from size Small to 3X  and will be available November 12 at JCPenney only. – Way to go girlfriend! 

Peek the collection preview below 🙂 




Polka dot any one?




All red everything! 


Holiday perfection!



Boss Ladies! ( Speaking of boss ladies, read this article HERE



Stripes, baby! 


Chic Pajamas! 




Here you have it! Don’t forget to set your alarm! Everything will be available at JCPenney November 12! -What do you think of Tracee Ellis Ross New Line and collaboration with JCPenney? Can’t wait? shop similar looks below! 



top-minneapolis-bloggerHappy Tuesday beauties!

This chic orange and black ensemble has gotten me a few comments, the day I wore it. I have been stopped by total strangers who complimented my outfit and then one asked what I do for a living, and another recurring question was, what I’m up to for the day. Okaaay 🙂


Well, one of my responses to my nice encounters was: “I’m making some boss moves”. There was a few seconds of pause, then he smiled and said: “Oh! Boss Moves!?”; and of course that comment sparked the conversation!



top-multicultural-bloggerThe thing is, when I say that I’m making “Boss Moves”, you would automatically think that I’m out there taking huge actions, making things happen left and right, which, in theory, may be true. However, to me, making boss moves, could be as simple as working toward your goals and projects as little as they are or may seem, and deciding to keep going no matter how hard things may be or may get.



top-black -fashion-bloggersThe truth is , some days, we’re out there making real boss moves, and some other days, we dress the part and play the part, because who doesn’t want to “Faith it, untill they make it”?


chic-work-styleIn all modesty, every day, I’m proud and grateful for every little accomplishments, ideas that I have, or actions that I take, but at the end of the day, I’m just a girl who decided to go for it, and make things happen; and that, to me, is “boss moves”! 


That been said, to all the ladies out there, making some boss moves, big or small, BRAVO! Together we will be unstoppable!


So, what are your thoughts on making boss moves or living the boss life, ladies and gentlemen? Sounds off! 🙂


And oh… Isn’t this top so cute? I love the scallops hemline and this color is so perfect for Fall. 


As always thank you for reading and until then, go make them moves! 

I was wearing:

Top: Victoria Beckham for Target. (Sold out) Try this and this / Blazer: Calvin Klein – Try this and this / Shoes: Guess – Try these and these / Pants: (old) – Try these and these/  Bag: WHBM- Try this  / Necklace: (Old) -Try this and this/ Sunglasses: Guess- Try these and these |



There’s just something revitalizing and beautiful about October. It’s my favorite month of the year. Perhaps because it’s Fall. Perhaps because it’s my birthday Month!!! In fact, someone I love was born today; and that someone is MEEEEEEEEEE. 😀 



I love October and I love Fall and everything about it. – Even this Fall perfect maxi-dress 🙂 – Whether you share this sentiment with me or not, the one thing we can come in agreement with is that Autumn shows how beautiful it is to let things go.



When the leaves fall and paint their own reality on the ground, leaving it up to the eyes to acknowledge its beauty or flaws, I think the world is just surrendering, letting go of the pieces and parts that can no longer serve their purposes on these trees.



Trees hold strong to their core and survive the storms, but every good tree knows that as time goes by, the leaves will come back and here comes another chapter. It all starts all over again. The co-relation between these trees and you? Don’t hold onto things that can no longer serve you or their purposes in your life. Let go of that thing or person that is holding you back, so you may receive new blessings.


October marks chapter 10 of 12; and today marks another chapter of my life! Yes, the gift of another year on my life. I get pretty excited, because I made it through another year; and I do not take that for granted. When you understand that life can be so uncertain sometimes and unpredictable, you really start to value the little things and appreciate every day that you wake up to… well and alive.


most-influential-minneapolis-bloggerWhen I saw the days getting closer and closer to my birthday, I started going into panic mode. I realized how fast the years are flying and how close I’m getting to being “old” or how “old” I actually am”. I think I was worried about letting my “youth” behind… And then when I really thought about it, it wasn’t the fact that I was aging that is freaking me out. Didn’t my dad used to say, the older the wine, the finer it becomes?!


What I was panicking about It’s something totally different. It’s the things I haven’t accomplished.. yet. The places I didn’t go to… yet.  The dreams I didn’t realize… yet. The lives I didn’t change… yet. So fourth and on.



Life is hard sometimes, and oh so vulnerable and can put us into all type of resentments and emotions, but we are tough and while none of us will make it out alive, we can choose to live each day as it was to be our very last and not to worry about what tomorrow holds for us; and if you believe in the highest power, you should also trust His timing.


Live in the moment while creating the next chapter of your life. Whether it’s in your relationships, your quest for financial freedom, your career, your spiritual growth… whatever it is, believe that the next chapter is bound to be better until your time on this earth is up.


Each day and each year, I’m growing into a more beautiful human being; and I’m proud of the woman I’m becoming. I have made mistakes and probably will again. I have learned a lot and I’m still learning; and I have learned to tap into all the resources that can help me be the healthiest and happiest me and… I’m still learning. I have learned so much.



I have learned to take risks, I have learned to stop and be still when needed. I have learned to detach from the “how” and instead, commit to the outcome. I have learned not to move unless I am moving in sync and in spirit. I have learned to release anything that I cannot keep hold of. I have learned to be flawless in my own flaws. I have learned to live my truth even if the world finds it not to be their truth. 



I have learned and still am learning. It’s a process and a lot of learning curves, but I know energy flows where focus goes; and on that, I say: Cheers to a Very Happy Birthday to ME, and onto the next chapter! 😉 


Now would you guess how young am I? 



What I’m wearing:

Dress: HERE. Shoes: HERE.(Love these)  Necklace: HWBM: Similar.

Sunglasses: HERE. Bag (Old) Similar | Earrings: (sold out. Love these and these |More HERE



Happy Friday loves,

Are we really about to wrap up another month? It seems like September was here just yesterday. If anything, I’m very excited to welcome October! Guess who’s birthday is coming up in few days!? Yup, this girl, right here! 😉 Besides, I don’t know why, but Fall gets me in all types of festive and fashionable moods and I’m always here for it!



Neutral hues are a fall must-have and even though this outfit isn’t your typical Fall Fashion look, I was able to get away with it, as we were still experiencing summer-like temperatures most days! However, the temperature is starting to drop, especially early mornings and late afternoons, which means you guys can expect to see more fall transitional looks in the days to come.




Anyway, I couldn’t help but take this off-shoulder lace top home when I stumbled upon it. I loved everything from the peachy-mauve color to the exquisite and feminine lace and sleeves details.



Minneapolis-most-wanted-fashion-bloggersI see myself pairing this fun piece with a nice pair of jeans or a cute skirt for that extra-feminine look. These Adrianna Papell pants were sitting in my closet for a while now, and they just found their perfect pair in this lace top.



beautiful-black-bloggerNeutral on Neutral creates such a chic minimalist look and clean lines. Here’s another one I sported here on the blog a few years ago.




I have been literally wearing this gorgeous flower statement necklace  everywhere lately.(See here) It is such an elegant and cute piece; and I think it was the perfect contrast to this lace top and the whole neutral look.





Another fun piece to this outfit is this yellow bucket bag. A nice pop of color and a subtle way to tone this minimalist chic look down a tiny bit. What are your thoughts about this look? 




As always thank you so much for reading and cheers to a fabulous weekend!

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