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Bad hair day? We’ve all had at least one in the span of our lifetime; and I’m not just talking us the average citizens. Have you seen how the internet went crazy over Halley Berry’s hair at her last appearance on the red carpet!? This one made it out to the internet because it’s Hairy Berry… sorry, it’s Halley Berry. Sarah, Jessica, and Amanda had a bad hair day last time they were out dancing, but no one gave it a thought…  It was a bad hair day for them nonetheless!

I remember a few years back, when I went for short hair; As much as I was rocking my “baldy” style, shortly after, came the harsh Midwest Winter. I tried to keep my natural short hair for most –  if not all of my blog shoots, but in my private outings, I had to rely on some wigs as a protective style; What I love about protective styles is that you can play around them and switch things up as much as you want… and as some of my ladies who love wigs would tell you, be careful because you might totally be addicted.
Well, I just wish then that I new Black Hairspray. However, I do now! I haven’t purchased any of their product yet, but browsing through their site, the problem I now face is that there’s too many cute and stylish options!!! 🙂

Black Hairspray is a leading beauty e-commerce company that offers thousands of wigs and hair care products.
Browsing through the site and reading about them, I see that their clients range from professional stylists, beauticians, to working mothers, students, glam hair enthusiasts… and many more. My point is whoever you are or whatever you’re looking for, you’re sure to leave satisfied! 
I might just do a follow-up post when I get my first glam hairstyle from them for myself or a client;) 

No more bad hair days ladies.. head over www.blackhairspray.com now and grab a pair or a few. 

As always, thank you for stopping by and cheers to a fabulous weekend



Naked Sugars Scrubs

Naked-sugar-body-scrrub-reviewThe one thing most men and women altogether complain about in the coldest seasons (beside the cold obviously) is dry skin. With the dry air of the season taking a serious toll on our skin, it’s essential to take extra care of ourselves, making sure that we still have this baby soft skin even in the harshest of weathers. Perfect timing! Thanks to my friends at Naked Sugars, I was able to treat my skin to a little pampering!

naked-sugars-body-scrubs-reviewThis naked sugars body scrub is a life saver. “Morning Riser” was the scent I picked; and I’m glad I did. The smell is divine… and nothing says good morning better than a citrus-lemon and sweet orange-infused scent!

img_3673When, I decided to treat myself to a little spa moment after a long and tiring day, I’m glad I started with this Naked Sugars scrub. The texture and feel on my body were very gentle and smooth. I love it! And oh, the scent! Have I already said the scent is just divine!? Yes, I probably did! 🙂 Seriously though, I get off the bathroom not only feeling invigorated with soft skin at the very first use, but both my body and my bathroom were left with a heavenly smell!!! That’s a win-win if you ask me… 🙂

Naked-sugar-body-scrrub-reviewWell, I think I just found a new favorite addition to my mini-spa moments. I’ve used this scrub twice already since I received it and my skin is starting to love all the oils infused into the blends, and I can’t get enough of having my shower time becoming more spa-like!

Naked-sugar-body-scrrub-reviewBonus? The packaging! If you’re anything like me, you’d appreciate an aesthetically packaged product. Seeing the black and gold packaging and a sticker which reads “Smile, you’re going to love what’s inside!” did actually made me smile (no pun intended lol) and feel some type of way. It must be the queen in me… 🙂

naked-sugars-reviewnaked-sugars-review2I’m actually really excited for this scrub and I will be trying all the other scents once I’m done with this one. I just wish the package was more filled with the scrub… Mine was only about half way filled, but again, it could be the weight settling after transportation, gravity and all… Nonetheless, one could get quite a few scrubbing sessions out of this package. Bottom line, I love this product; and I know my girlfriends would each love one for their Christmas present! 🙂 


Thank you so much for reading! I hope you have a fantastic day! – I was sent this product for my honest review and all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Hypnoz Glam!


7 Beauty rules for a flawless skin

Beauty-skin-care-rules-tipsYou’ve heard countless times how important it is to have a skin care routine that works for you. I’ve heard it too. And there are so many products out there claiming to do the magic on our skin. Truth be told, It can all get really overwhelming and very expensive, but the frustration gets even more real when the results are barely there or the product don’t leave up to their names. Having a consistent routine will most likely give you a great skin as long as you chose the products that work wonder for your skin; but let’s face it, there’s no guarantee you will have a flawless skin just by washing or cleansing your face, toning, using moisturizers or serums and exfoliating etc… Even though I suffer from adult acne sometimes, I get a lot of compliment on my skin. What I really find essential for the health of my skin, especially in the winter months when the climate gets dry and affects our skin, are these simple beauty rules:

1- What you eat is what you are: Yep! What you put in your mouth or your body is as important, if not more important than the products you use regularly on your skin. It’s often said that you can determine how healthy a person is by just taking a thorough look at their skin. If you’ve heard the benefits of eating food such as fruits, veggies, and how having a low-carb diet can tremendously improve the health of your skin, then you probably know what I’m talking about. On the contrary, refined sugar, processed foods, and obviously carbs such as pasta, breads, and white rice are food recommended to be consumed in moderation for not only a healthy skin, but also for a better health and controlled weight in general. 

2- Get your beauty sleep: At least 7 hours of sleep is what the experts say we need for our body to function at it best and look its bests. This is something most people, including myself, struggle with, because let’s face it, We only have 24 hours in the day and there are so many obligations and so little time! Some people feel that 5 to 6 hours of sleep is all they need to “David their Goliath”, and that works for them. After all, It is what is it. Just make sure you’re catching those Z’s!

3- Where are you putting your head and face? Go for a satin pillow case! Yes, one of the simple yet best advice I’ve heard when it comes to preventing your face from breaking out is using a satin pillow case. It’s simple: The material is satin (duh), the feel is luxurious. Your face is the money maker; you got to treat it like royalty! 😉 Using a satin pillow case allows you to insure no harsh texture is coming in contact with your skin when you’re sleeping. Plus, regular fabrics tend to store the chemicals/lotion etc from our hair, then transfer it onto our face.

4- Drink Plenty of water: This rule shows up in every circumstance, doesn’t it? That’s right, water is the golden rule of a beautiful and healthier you! Keeping your skin healthy and hydrated starts from within; and just like eating healthy, when you drink plenty of water, you’re getting closer and closer to that glowing skin you’ve been praying for. Drink up, darlings! 

5- Always keep your skin clean, hydrated, and moisturized. Keeping any germs away from your skin/face is common sense. Always  make sure your hands are clean before touching your face. You’d also want to make sure your bed sheets and pillow cases are been washed regularly with a recommended detergent.  As for keeping your skin hydrated, If drinking water isn’t your best friend, spraying water-mix on your face at times may be another option. Moisturizing is probably the most blatant and effective skin advice you’ll ever heard. Whether you have dry, oily, or combination skin, you need to keep your skin moisturized at all times. In the winter, most people with dry skin will opt for an oil based moisturizers such as coconut, jojoba oil or any essential oil. However, make sure to try all the options available and determine what works best for your skin.

6- Sweat the toxins out: Cliché,  but exercising is good for your overall health, period. However, if you need another reason to finally become friends with the gym again or make a better use of your sport gears, here you have It: When you sweat those toxins out, you’re actually cleansing your body from any impurities that may be having a toll on your skin. 

7- Detox your body and your life: When you try all of the above (and some more) and you seem not to have a beautiful skin, just relax. Don’t panic. Ok, maybe panic a little. 🙂 -Who doesn’t want a gorgeous skin!?-  But take a deep breath, maybe it’s time to detox your body and live a stress-free life. Beside sweating the toxins out of your body by exercising, there are quite a few other ways to detox your body. Colon cleansing, foot detoxing, juicing, water detox, etc… are just a few of the detoxing methods you can use to cleanse your body. Chances are, you probably need to detox your life as well from anything that doesn’t serve you anymore, any negativity or negative people that are not building you up, but instead, are giving you headaches. Try to leave a stress-free (or a less stressed) life as much as you can. Believe it or not, stress can have a huge affect on your skin health, leaving your skin looking dull, saggy and old. 

There you have it. I’m sure by following these beauty rules, your skin will be at its best, but if all fails, it’s probably time to see a dermatologist or your doctor for any undergoing health issue.

I wish you the best of luck in having a youthful, glowing, and beautiful skin! 😉 – Happy Monday! 

Xo, Edwige



Lately On “The Gram”


It’s just so unreal how time is flying by! Cliché much? I know, but you have to agree with me though. October is almost over, and then we welcome November to already be celebrating thanksgiving… and there comes December! Need I say that Christmas will be here before we know it? … And we’ll soon be kissing 2016 adios… WOW! It seems like just a couple months ago, we were decorating christmas trees…  Where did 2016 go!? It’s unbelievable and exciting at the same time. Well, let’s finish the year strong and in the hope to see the desire of our hearts come to pass.


On another note, If there’s any social media account I like to spend time on these days, share candid and behind-the-scene pictures, connect with amazing people, it’s Instagram. I love scrolling through my feeds just to see the beautiful and creative images these folks are sharing. Every day has its own story and every story has its own ability to be told through each and every photo…


The truth is, I haven’t always been an instagram addict. I might be slightly late to the party, but I think I’m catching on quite well. LOL. Instagram has been winning my heart these days, and while I’m enjoying others’ posts, I’m also giving my all to share great pics and behind-the-scene moments I believe my friends over there would love. It sounds all fun, doesn’t it? It is fun… and a little bit of work. Work, because I’m also putting the work in to grow my numbers and build a strong community. I know, some of you know I mean! 🙂So, if you’re not following me yet, please do come over and let’s connect! (HERE) If you’d like me to follow back, just leave me a comment to let me know that you’re coming from my blog and I’ll return the love, if I’m not already. – Here are some of my latest posts on the “gram”. 

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img_1400img_2259As always, thank you! I’m glad you stopped by and I hope you have a wonderful day!




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Having a skin care routine is very important. Some people are born with good skin; some struggle to bring theirs to what it should be… However, those who have great or perfect skin, innate or acquired, have a consistent skin care routine. A little bit of Skin 101 here: Our skin deals with so much and, it being the largest organ of the human body, retains all the impurities whether it’s from deep within or outside of the body.

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