5-reasons-why-i-love-monday TGIM friends, I hope you had a fantastic weekend and a great start to the week. I’ve heard countless times how “Mondays” suck; and to be honest with you, I’m one of the few people that actually love Monday. I don’t personally think Mondays suck, however I do see why most people don’t care for it and if you’re one of them, keep reading. I’m sharing with you today my two cents on the matter.    monday-motivation-why-you-is-monday-prodcutive 1 – It’s just another day of the week See, this may sound cliché, but the truth is society makes a huge deal out of Monday being the day everybody fears to see. I’m not going to lie, and say Monday is my most favorite day of the week. Certainly not; but I see it as just another day.  Another day to  live, love, work and… play. I see how it can be daunting to see the day that precedes the fun and activity-filled days (weekend) as the “party pooper” if I can put it this way, because it’s a start of a work week; but for me, that’s just life and there’s always going to be a party pooper, and there’s always going to be a Monday. You must as well, accept this fact and make it work for you. Think positive!

2- It’s a fresh new start I love the chance of a new start. It gives me hope and strength to keep going and get things done or to get things right. Do you recall that feeling when it’s your birthday, when it’s the beginning of a new year, when the month is ending and we’re about to see another one? That feeling of a new start, new opportunities, new and more blessings…? That’s exactly how you should also feel when you think of Monday. The excitement to put another ounce of work toward your goals, the purpose-driven attitude and eagerness to make things happen, the hope to get it right this time. These should be good enough reasons why you should love Mondays. The past week hasn’t been so bright, or it was very overwhelming, because you had a lot on your plate, whether it’s at work, at home, or with your clients or whatever else your days are occupied with. You, maybe, get to rest, regroup and refresh though the weekend… and there comes Monday…again. Well, Hello Monday! Think of it as a fresh new start, my friends and make it count! 

3- It’s another day to be grateful for Think of it this way: You are well and alive and some people are battling or fighting for their life at this very moment. Some, on the other hand, didn’t make it through Sunday to see this day. There’s a lot going in the world that we can’t even wrap our head around. Be grateful and thank the higher power, or the universe for the simple fact that you’re seeing another beautiful day. You know what, life is even more fun and rewarding when we count our blessings!

4- It’s the most productive day of the week According to a study conducted by the staffing firm Accountemps, while some people will argue that Tuesday is the most productive day of the week, Monday would be considered the most productive day by a great percentage of human resources managers. Whether you’re working for yourself or for someone else, a productive day equal greater results and great feeling of accomplishment. Monday can be productive because most people tackle it with “The weekend is over, now back-to work” attitude! Many workers would spend their day trying to catch up on the previous week and plan the week ahead. I believe that when you hit your week with a great start, you will most likely not only have a productive day, but also a productive week.

5- “Do what you love to do and you will never work another day in your life” Now before you jump on my throat and try to argue with me on how misleading or false this statement is, let me tell you that I totally understand where you’re coming from. Yes, this sentiment is an all-time constant. We’ve heard or read it somewhere; we even repeated it to our younger folks or adults peers in times of motivation or encouragement. The truth is, it’s not the truth! You can do what you love and still put tremendous work in it. In fact you should, in order to see the amazing results you are looking for, put a lot of effort in on daily basis. Work isn’t play and no matter what you do as “work”, it’s just that: “work”! So what are you saying about that statement, you’d ask me. Now hear me out. The way I personally understand this statement isn’t necessary or exactly how you are reading through the lines, even if that’s what it is. We all have a different understanding on most things and that’s fine. The way I do perceive this, works for me and I’m going to ask you to see it that way as well. Who knows, you have nothing to loose, but mind you, you may gain a bit of something before you leave my blog today, or so I hope. 🙂  Do what you do and you will never work another day in your life, because when you enjoy what you do, you don’t consider it “work”. Even though it’s paying the bill or it’s going to pay for the much needed vaccation you’re planning, you don’t make it sound like a chore, if you love what you do. You don’t consider things you enjoy doing, work. You don’t complain about it. If you breathe it, you live it, you love it and are passionate about it, it becomes your way of life. It becomes fun, or even recreational as opposed to a duty or a “job”. Here, I’ll throw in the example of a bodybuilder… or in my very own personal case, a fashion stylist! 😉 Live what you love! Do you have a love or hate story with Mondays? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!  Thanks for reading; and please share this insights with others. Someone needs to read this. 😉


Having just to turn the page on a month that has been very hectic for me, I look back and realize that the last few weeks were far from being a walk in the park. Gosh, I’m not complaining, because God knows how grateful I am for the blessings and even the lessons. However, having to treat myself to a mini-spa in the comfort of my own home, to unwind and refresh when I needed it the most, was one of the most rewarding things I’ve actually done to ease the burden of the tiredness.

With the ended month being one in which we celebrated the International Women’s Day, we all chanted and praised the bricks of foundations, women are posing everyday all around the world, but there’s one question we women need to ask ourselves… How I’m treating myself? How am I taking care of myself? Reality is most women (and men) are out there caring for their loved ones and even strangers, working diligently to make the world a better place, but they have zero time and consideration in treating themselves. They just don’t! But the matter of the fact is, you must treat yourself, and you must do it unapologetically! 


This is not a selfish act, but in fact a self-love gesture toward your own psychosomatic health. If you don’t care for yourself, treat yourself to a whatever you love doing that will benefit not only your body, but your entire being, how well do you think you can take care of your loved ones in the long term? The thing is, well often, we think unproportionally big or out of our means and needs. The luxury trip to the 5-star salon or hotel, for example, may be your ideal “treat yourself” moment; and if you can afford that, hey girl, you totally deserve it! But, what if you can’t? Well, that’s where you call in your imagination; – A very simple one actually –  and If you don’t have your mini-spa essentials ready, a quick trip to a nearby store should do the trick… Lucky me, Soap And Glory and Boohoo were kind enough to send me some products and items which tended to my own mini-spa moment!  

While I was home alone sans the kids, I had a “Eureka!” moment. Maybe it wasn’t that big of “Eureka!” situation, but grant it, the unnerving and exciting idea of pampering myself was quite enchanting. So I decided to treat my face to a Soap And Glory face mask that was in my goodies package and then I enjoyed a nice, warm, and soothing bath with all the bell and whistles… Yes! You can lit scented candles, add some aromatic or therapeutic oils and petals to your bath, and let an enchanting music of your choice playing in the background. I did; and it was suave and debonair!

Now, what would be a pampering moment without the feel of a soft and smooth skin afterwards? Soap And Glory and Boohoo have come to the rescue again.  It was time to tune in to a re-run of a favorite TV show and pamper myself to a soft baby skin. We all love and yearn for that soft baby skin, don’t we? 

If you haven’t tried Soap And Glory’s ” The Righteous Butter”  and “Hand Food” cream this might be the season to stock up on a couple of those and get your skin ready for the beach and those summer outfit days. Without even a feel to the touch, I appreciated that the scents weren’t overpowering. After my bath, I butter up myself with the Righteous Butter (which is made with softening Shea Butter and Aloe Vera) and it soaked right into my skin and left it smooth and soft.


I love it; and while I’m working on getting my Summer body ready to show off the bikini ensemble boohoo has sent me along with these pampering products, I might as well, keep treating myself to these mini-spa moments whenever I can. Why? Because I deserve it; and so do you! Treat yourself, girlfriends! 

Cheers to a fabulous week ahead!



” I participated in the “Treat yourself” campaign and these products were sent to me free of charge. All opinions are my own”



Hey babes! Another week has come and gone. Can you believe we’re wrapping up the third week of January already? Seems like the days just fly by faster and faster! Last week, I shared with you the 6 (plus bonus) things you need to do in order to have a happy and successful year – You can read the full post here. One of the things I believe is an essential habit to adopt for a fabulous year ahead is choosing a word of the year. Being that I’m not a big of a new year’s resolution person, this just speaks to me. I rather live an improving life every day instead of wrapping my mind around the whole “new year, new me” resolutions. Maybe “New Year, Improved Me”? Let’s just say I like that better. Anyway, where does the whole “Word of the year” thing come from? I honestly can’t remember where and how I came across this, but when I did, I knew it was something I wanted to implement in my yearly goals and habits, and quite frankly, it’s working great for me. 

So how does the whole thing work? –  Each year, you chose a word on which you’d want to focus and reflect upon during the new year. It could be a word in regard of something you want to face, beat, or steer away from this year. Some examples: Fear. Procrastinating. Focus. Or something you want to improve or gain. Other examples would be Clarity or Consistency.  Instead of having everything scattered and having to make an empty resolution, the word of the year should help you keep your focus and sanity when you start feeling unorganized and jumping from one thing to another. Obviously, you still want to write down your goals and work toward them, but this one word will be your word of focus to help you discipline yourself in whatever area you need to!

This year, I initially chose the word “Consistency”. We know Consistency in everything we do is a must; Upon some more reflection, I changed it to “Manifest”…


MANIFEST: Such a strong and powerful word! I wanted to be stronger spiritually and mentally and practice more of the law of attraction… I want to work more toward manifesting or attracting the right things and more awesomeness into my life! It’s been 3 weeks into the new year, and I can only be grateful for all the things I’ve manifested into my life already. Continually praying, meditating, and having positive thoughts even in the midst of the unfortunate situations that may occur, are some of the things I practice daily toward my 2017 word.

So do you have a word of the year? If yes, what is it? If you’re just learning about this, what do you think about this. I’m curious to know your thought. 🙂 

Thanks s much for reading and have a great start to the week. 

Love & Light, 



New-year-resolutions-goals-hypnozglam.comHappy Monday Beauties!

I hope you had a fabulous weekend. I heard some of you are still enjoying their 3-day weekend… We can all use that, right!?

I know it’s 3 weeks into 2017 already, but it’s never too late (or too early) to share tips or words on how to have a happy and successful year. By the way how are you doing with your new year’s resolutions? Whatever they are, I hope they’re working out for you. Often, we all need a little bit of inspiration here and there and today, I feel that I should share with you these 6 things that I believe, if you follow will help you achieve your goals this year. 

1Meditate and Pray – Daily meditations and prayers are a life-changer. 

2- Set realistic goals – New year resolutions are quite frankly becoming “old things”. Why? Well, because, for whatever reasons, they’re hard to stick to. “The new year, new me” phrase has gotten so much cliche, but I believe that as long as you set realistic and measurable goals, you should be able to work towards them and make things happen.


3- Choose a word of the year. – If you don’t know, this is being the new “it” thing most “goal diggers” are leaning towards these days. As mentioned earlier, new year’s resolutions can be complex things to do. Not that people can’t and don’t stick to them. If you do, kuddos to you, but choosing a word for the year gives you more chance to be focused on that very word which, in many ways, will ultimately help in being focused in achieving your goal. – I will go into more details in another post coming soon on this subject, and I will also tell you what my word for 2017 is.

4- Be consistent. – Consistency is key in every thing we do. You can’t achieve anything if you are not consistent in what needs to be done to get there.  This is something dear and near to my heart that I’m working on everyday.  Being consistent with the little things as reading my devotional everyday for example or being consistent with my blog, is critical for me to get to where I want to get. When you want great results, you’ve got to keep doing what needs to be done – I’ve read quite a few times that content is king, but consistency is queen.

5- Get inspired. – It’s a great thing to look for inspirations in others, but learn to remain true to yourself. Trying to be someone you’re not and copying their little moves will not do you any good. You can find inspiration in people, books, social media, TV shows, arts, almost everywhere, but make it your own. Authenticity is a quality that is not only easily recognized and applauded, but it will take you a long way.

6- Have faith and believe in yourself! – Have faith in God or whatever higher power you believe in and believe that you can do great things. If you don’t believe in yourself, (no one else will) you can’t accomplish anything! An undeniable key to success is believing in one self. Not everyone is talented and smart (Sorry but it’s the truth), but anyone that believe in their ability to work hard, practice, and make things happen and succeed, in fact, will succeed even when they’re not talented! – BELIEVE TO ACHIEVE!


Bonus. – Read more, learn a lot, do more of what you love, travel when you can, have meaningful conversations. Life is too short and precious to be wasted on things that take you nowhere. This year try to invest your time in doing things that will help you be the best version of yourself. – (See more about reading here!)


This is the perfect time of the year to make necessary changes in your life. March into your blessings and abundance!

Love & Light!




Happy first week of the year, loves!
Are you as pumped and excited as I am!? I know this is the time for new resolutions and all, and I have a question: How are you going about this?

Well, I read somewhere that “The road ahead waits for your journey”. That is very true when you think about it. It’s not going anywhere, meaning all you have to do is take the first step!

Everything we were and are today we carry with us; it’s our luggage. Everything we will be lies within our next journey… It lies on the road ahead. It lies on the path we create. It lies within us!
As Lao zu would say, “There’s no road. The traveler creates his own path”

My point here is that no matter how you go about your resolutions, actions
toward seeing them to fruition are key! And remember, as long as you’re moving in that direction – no matter how slowly, you are winning!

I would tell myself over and over, “The time to hit the road is now!”
Let’s rejoice in the knowledge that there are no shortcut to any place worth going; and that any destination that is worth the long journey is a finished race, a victory in itself!

In my book, 2017 is synonymous to discipline, progress, and accomplishments! Make it a great year; and see you on the greener side! 😉