Hey babes! Another week has come and gone. Can you believe we’re wrapping up the third week of January already? Seems like the days just fly by faster and faster! Last week, I shared with you the 6 (plus bonus) things you need to do in order to have a happy and successful year – You can read the full post here. One of the things I believe is an essential habit to adopt for a fabulous year ahead is choosing a word of the year. Being that I’m not a big of a new year’s resolution person, this just speaks to me. I rather live an improving life every day instead of wrapping my mind around the whole “new year, new me” resolutions. Maybe “New Year, Improved Me”? Let’s just say I like that better. Anyway, where does the whole “Word of the year” thing come from? I honestly can’t remember where and how I came across this, but when I did, I knew it was something I wanted to implement in my yearly goals and habits, and quite frankly, it’s working great for me. 

So how does the whole thing work? –  Each year, you chose a word on which you’d want to focus and reflect upon during the new year. It could be a word in regard of something you want to face, beat, or steer away from this year. Some examples: Fear. Procrastinating. Focus. Or something you want to improve or gain. Other examples would be Clarity or Consistency.  Instead of having everything scattered and having to make an empty resolution, the word of the year should help you keep your focus and sanity when you start feeling unorganized and jumping from one thing to another. Obviously, you still want to write down your goals and work toward them, but this one word will be your word of focus to help you discipline yourself in whatever area you need to!

This year, I initially chose the word “Consistency”. We know Consistency in everything we do is a must; Upon some more reflection, I changed it to “Manifest”…


MANIFEST: Such a strong and powerful word! I wanted to be stronger spiritually and mentally and practice more of the law of attraction… I want to work more toward manifesting or attracting the right things and more awesomeness into my life! It’s been 3 weeks into the new year, and I can only be grateful for all the things I’ve manifested into my life already. Continually praying, meditating, and having positive thoughts even in the midst of the unfortunate situations that may occur, are some of the things I practice daily toward my 2017 word.

So do you have a word of the year? If yes, what is it? If you’re just learning about this, what do you think about this. I’m curious to know your thought. 🙂 

Thanks s much for reading and have a great start to the week. 

Love & Light, 



New-year-resolutions-goals-hypnozglam.comHappy Monday Beauties!

I hope you had a fabulous weekend. I heard some of you are still enjoying their 3-day weekend… We can all use that, right!?

I know it’s 3 weeks into 2017 already, but it’s never too late (or too early) to share tips or words on how to have a happy and successful year. By the way how are you doing with your new year’s resolutions? Whatever they are, I hope they’re working out for you. Often, we all need a little bit of inspiration here and there and today, I feel that I should share with you these 6 things that I believe, if you follow will help you achieve your goals this year. 

1Meditate and Pray – Daily meditations and prayers are a life-changer. 

2- Set realistic goals – New year resolutions are quite frankly becoming “old things”. Why? Well, because, for whatever reasons, they’re hard to stick to. “The new year, new me” phrase has gotten so much cliche, but I believe that as long as you set realistic and measurable goals, you should be able to work towards them and make things happen.


3- Choose a word of the year. – If you don’t know, this is being the new “it” thing most “goal diggers” are leaning towards these days. As mentioned earlier, new year’s resolutions can be complex things to do. Not that people can’t and don’t stick to them. If you do, kuddos to you, but choosing a word for the year gives you more chance to be focused on that very word which, in many ways, will ultimately help in being focused in achieving your goal. – I will go into more details in another post coming soon on this subject, and I will also tell you what my word for 2017 is.

4- Be consistent. – Consistency is key in every thing we do. You can’t achieve anything if you are not consistent in what needs to be done to get there.  This is something dear and near to my heart that I’m working on everyday.  Being consistent with the little things as reading my devotional everyday for example or being consistent with my blog, is critical for me to get to where I want to get. When you want great results, you’ve got to keep doing what needs to be done – I’ve read quite a few times that content is king, but consistency is queen.

5- Get inspired. – It’s a great thing to look for inspirations in others, but learn to remain true to yourself. Trying to be someone you’re not and copying their little moves will not do you any good. You can find inspiration in people, books, social media, TV shows, arts, almost everywhere, but make it your own. Authenticity is a quality that is not only easily recognized and applauded, but it will take you a long way.

6- Have faith and believe in yourself! – Have faith in God or whatever higher power you believe in and believe that you can do great things. If you don’t believe in yourself, (no one else will) you can’t accomplish anything! An undeniable key to success is believing in one self. Not everyone is talented and smart (Sorry but it’s the truth), but anyone that believe in their ability to work hard, practice, and make things happen and succeed, in fact, will succeed even when they’re not talented! – BELIEVE TO ACHIEVE!


Bonus. – Read more, learn a lot, do more of what you love, travel when you can, have meaningful conversations. Life is too short and precious to be wasted on things that take you nowhere. This year try to invest your time in doing things that will help you be the best version of yourself. – (See more about reading here!)


This is the perfect time of the year to make necessary changes in your life. March into your blessings and abundance!

Love & Light!




Happy first week of the year, loves!
Are you as pumped and excited as I am!? I know this is the time for new resolutions and all, and I have a question: How are you going about this?

Well, I read somewhere that “The road ahead waits for your journey”. That is very true when you think about it. It’s not going anywhere, meaning all you have to do is take the first step!

Everything we were and are today we carry with us; it’s our luggage. Everything we will be lies within our next journey… It lies on the road ahead. It lies on the path we create. It lies within us!
As Lao zu would say, “There’s no road. The traveler creates his own path”

My point here is that no matter how you go about your resolutions, actions
toward seeing them to fruition are key! And remember, as long as you’re moving in that direction – no matter how slowly, you are winning!

I would tell myself over and over, “The time to hit the road is now!”
Let’s rejoice in the knowledge that there are no shortcut to any place worth going; and that any destination that is worth the long journey is a finished race, a victory in itself!

In my book, 2017 is synonymous to discipline, progress, and accomplishments! Make it a great year; and see you on the greener side! 😉



Success-begins-with-the-decision-to-try-hypnozglamHappy Monday friends.
I was lucky enough to read on this little writing of my dear hubby. Yes, those who know him well would know or notice that he loves writing… something we both have in common.  I was even luckier when he gave me his approval to share it with you. This actually how we try to live our life… Anyway, take a quick look, you might actually like this.

” I read somewhere that “Success begins with the decision to try.”  I would say that success begins with the decision to try, after been told countless times that ‘you cannot do it!’; after hearing and knowing that everything that could go wrong will, in fact, go wrong!
Success begins with the decision to try, after you come to full realization that you’re going to make a fool of yourself… but still paying close attention to that small still voice coming way down from the depths of your soul telling you “just go for it. What do you have to lose? They’re already thinking you’re a fool anyway! Just go for it and you might actually amaze yourself!”

My wife Edwige always says “When you follow the call of your soul, magic happens! Absolute magic!”


What all winners and successful people won’t tell you or will seldom admit is this: It is normal and okay to be scared. I would say being scared just means you’re about to do something really brave! Just think about all those big names who took that leap of faith, started up from scratch, met countless abysmal failures, pushed through and today are allowing us to use the electrical current, flight through the sky, see our friends live from miles apart, click on a small ‘window’ to discover the world… or just start our cars remotely from our smart phones!
It is actually that simple, “success begins with the decision to try.” God will amaze you when you call upon Him to lift you up…
Nourish that dream! Fuel up that passion! Just give it a try! Amazing things await… Go get ‘em, you mighty winner! ~ Fredo K. Teko-Folly #AspireToInspire



I can only agree with the points and reasoning in this post. How many times haven’t we aborted the implementation of some great idea just because we got scared or just because we heard the “you can’t do it”? 
I will go in no further details, but know that my greatest gifts to you my followers, my readers, the Hypnoz Glam fans, or anyone who stumbles upon this is the deep aspiration to inspire you to pursue your dream… yes especially when that scares the living hell out of you!!! You owe it to yourself to be happy!  Go after that dream!!!

Five orange pumpkins sit in a row in front of a distressed, wooden background.

Hello friends,

Thanksgiving is in a few days… What are you thankful for?

I’ve probably stated this here before; maybe last Thanksgiving maybe not; I feel like it is something I will never get tired of saying. I feel like I really need to say it more often, so much that it sinks deep in the core of my being and yours. Gratitude is something we should express every single day. it’s a sentiment we should never cease to have. It should be our way of living. Life itself is to be grateful for. Some people do not have it anymore. Some others are fighting for theirs.

Many of the things that we take for granted are the simplest, smallest things. The food on the table, the family that loves us, the friends that got our back, the income we bring home, the things we enjoy doing that we can actually do, the simple fact that we are alive and well. I can go on and on. I can get very personal and tell you all the blessings that I’m counting, but I want to make this about you; yes if you’re reading this, I want you to know that there are so many blessings that are left to be counted, but we are so busy chasing the ones we think we don’t have that we actually can’t see the ones that have been bestowed upon us. Count your blessings! Today is a gift, tomorrow is not promised, so let’s celebrate life every single day. Let’s be thankful! Let’s count our blessings! Let us say our gratitude every single day because gratitude should be a way of living! 


” Gratitude unlocks the fullness

of life. It turns what we have into

enough, and more. It turns denial into

acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to

clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast,

a house into a home, a stranger

into a friend.” 

-Melody Beattie

If you’ve missed my lifestyle post about a creative and nice way to count your blessings. you can find it here 🙂 . Until next time, Love & Light!

XOXO, Edwige