beautifl off shoulder summer top and shortsTGIF everyone!

I hope you’re having a fantastic day! This month is also coming to an end! Man, July has been very tough on us. Beside the tragic events that have occurred all over the world, there have also been deaths and sorrow in my circle of friends; disappointments and set back. It’s a difficult time, but I thank God for the gift of life and pray for better days ahead!  Well, today, I’m just dropping by to tell you that, no matter what you’re going through, stay strong and keep the faith up, because when you take a second and look around, life is pretty amazing. Yes, the gift of life is pretty amazing!

Love and Light!



Hello there and happy Friday!!

What are you reading?! Yes, literally… What books are you reading these days? I would love to know. I’m always in the hunt for great additions to my book collection; and It’s always nice knowing what others are reading, what they love about it or why they would recommend a certain book. I think I’ve stated my love for reading here on the blog before, and quite honestly that love just keeps on growing. I believe one must read as often as they can. I’m not talking Facebook updates, Twitter or labels on a package. Not even celeb gossips! 😛 When was the last time you read a book or a substantial magazine article? Yes, that’s what I’m talking about. Reading is to the mind what exercice is to the body.

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Happy Tuesday, Friends!

It was very sweet of you all who had reached out to see if I’m well; and by His grace, I am! What a blessing you guys are! I have taken a few days off to regroup and refresh and it did me wonders. – Thank you! 🙂 

When I first found out about a blessing jar years ago, I thought it was a neat idea, and a creative way to learn to appreciate life and count our blessings. However, I have no idea why I actually never had a blessing jar until just recently! Procrastinating? Sounds certainly like it, right?!  Nevertheless, thanks to a fellow blogger’s post, I finally have my own blessing jar and I wanted to share the idea with you. If you’ve never heard of this concept, no worries, stick around! The steps are really simple. What you need is a jar or a vase, that you will label as you wish. It could be something like : “Count Your Blessings”, “My Blessings Jar” etc… just about anything 🙂 . Once you have your jar, start writing down your blessings. Even the smallest ones and put them in the jar. You can opt to do this everyday or weekly or whatever works for you, you just want to make sure you remember your blessings and put them in the jar as the days go forth. Now, it is usually recommended to start this routine the day after Thanksgiving or at the beginning of the year; and by the end of the year or the next thanksgiving – depending on when you started… while you’re going through your notes, you’ll be amazed how many blessings have been bestowed upon you over that period of time. HOWEVER, you don’t have to wait until thanksgiving or New Year to start this! In fact, why don’t you start today and put in your jar any blessings that you can remember from yesterday or last week or last month! Life itself it’s a blessing and let’s appreciate it and count all our blessings, big or small! As simple or as plain as this may sound, you reading this today IS a blessing for me! 😉 … So, Thank you, and glory be to the Almighty! 


Bon début de semaine, les amis!

Ce fut vraiment gentil à vous qui aviez cherché à savoir si je me portais bien, et par la grâce de Dieu, oui je vais bien. J’ai pris quelque jours de “congé” pour me reposer et me revigorer, et ça m’a fait du bien! – Merci! 🙂 

La première fois que j’ai découvert le concept de “blessings jar”, en traduction littéraire la jarre des bénédictions, j’ai trouvé l’idée très créative et surtout super cool comme moyen d’apprécier les bénédictions divines dans notre vie; mais sans vous mentir, je ne sais vraiment pas pourquoi je n’en ai jamais eu jusqu’à tout récemment! Procrastination? Peut-être oui! Toutefois, grâce à une collègue blogueuse qui a écrit entre-temps sur ce sujet, j’ai enfin sérieusement décidé d’en avoir une, et c´est fait! J’ai donc voulu partager ce concept avec vous! Si vous n’en aviez jamais entendu parlé, eh bien, c’est le bon moment! Tout ce dont vous avez besoin, c’est d’une jarre ou d’un vase, ou encore d’un contenant de ce genre! Vous écrirez ensuite vos bénédictions, aussi minimes qu’elles soient, sur un bout de papier que vous mettrez dans la jarre. Vous pouvez faire ceci quotidiennement ou à chaque fin de semaine… C’est à votre gré! L’essentiel est de le faire en toute honnêteté! Il est conseillé de débuter ce concept en début d’année par exemple et d’en faire la lecture en fin d’année, mais comme qui dirait, vaut mieux tard que jamais! Je vous encouragerai de commencer dès que possible, en mettant dans votre vase toutes bonnes choses qui ont comblé votre journée, votre semaine, ou même un acte divin survenu au mois dernier! La vie en elle-même n’est-elle pas une infinie bénédiction!? Apprécions-la! Ceci pourrait paraître un peu plat, mais le simple fait que tu lises ceci aujourd’hui est une bénédiction pour moi! 😉 – Alors, merci et que gloire soit rendue au Seigneur!



Have you heard of this before? Are you going to have your own blessing jar now?  As always, thank you for stopping by!