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Happy Wednesday lovelies, 

It’s almost the end of the week, and I hope you’ve made it fantastic one so far. My everlasting love for chic and outstanding decors is no news to you anymore… if you’ve been following my blog for a while, that is. I’ve been coming across stunning and swoon-worthy Spring outdoors or backyards decors a lot lately; and I wanted to share a few with you guys. These are simply gorgeous, and make entertaining perfect; and while they may not be budget-friendly – at least not to me at this moment – they’re definitely swoon-worthy an  worth setting a goal for. Check them out, and share your thoughts with me! XO












5 Simple Ways To Freshen Up Your Home For Spring!

Spring may not be here yet, but we can definitely feel glimpses of it. When birds’ chirping start getting quite insistent and the fresh odor of blossom flowers are starting to hit our nostrils, then we realize mother nature is reminding our brains the need to refresh, reboot, and re-energize. And while we’re often ready for a fresh start, it’s usually not that easy to take actions and freshen up our surroundings, our mind and even our body. Well, these 5 simple tips should get you on the way to a fresh new home and self, if you don’t know where to start. 


1 –  Clean, Pare Down, And De-clutter.

A clean house is a peaceful mind. Whether you like cleaning or not, you must take proper measures to ensure your house is clean if you want your home feeling refreshed, peaceful, and welcoming. In fact, you may need some deep-cleaning to welcome the warmer months if you don’t have the habit to clean periodically. If you have an aversion to household chores, you may want to hire someone to do the job for you. While cleaning your house is a vital priority for a refreshed mind and home, de-clutering your overflowing closets and any cluttered surfaces will take your clean-slate to the next level. Give any of these cluttered spaces a quick assessment and sell, donate, or give away anything you’re not using or will likely not be using.


2- Air It Out .

After a long winter season with a stagnant, harshly dry air, there’s no better way to inviting Spring into your home by kicking the dust and dirt out and bringing in a breeze of fresh air! Open all the windows or turn on the fans if you have them to aid circulation aeration; then turn the heat off, and go for an hour run or errands. Trust me, you will come back to a refreshed and re-energized house.

3- Change Winter Decor And Linens To Spring Ones

If you love swapping decors in between seasons, you’re probably using sheepskin, fur, heavy wool and acrylic blankets, pillow covers, trows etc, in the cold weather. Well, now it’s the perfect occasion to swap winter flannel and duvet and all other heavy wool back to less heavy options. 

4- Bring Some Flowers And Trees In!

Flowers and trees can instantly transform your decor and give a breeze of fresh air and cheerful atmosphere to any home. We don’t really care if there’s snow on the ground… Bring Spring into your home with beautiful and sweet lilacs or hyacinths, blossom cherries, cheerful daffodil, fig-tree, magnolia, or muscari… Endless options you have here, depending on your preferences and what you can tolerate, health wise.

Image Via : avso.org

5- Transition Your Wardrobe

We can’t talk Spring without touching on Spring Fashion, can’t we? Well, nothing says “Hello Spring” better than brightly hues clothes and accessories and colorful prints and patterns! And since Spring weather is very unpredictable, meaning the weather can change drastically from one day to another (Hello allergies), while storing away, the heaviest and bulkiest coats, sweaters, wools and boots etc… You should keep in mind that the weather can swing from Still-Winter to almost-Summer temps. That been said, layering should be your best bet. Now, it’s time to make room for your trench coats, blazers, cardigans, lightweight sweaters, scarves and leather jackets. 

Floral Spring Dress from L’effet Glamour


Bonus: Detox your body.


One more thing I personally like to do, to welcome Spring is cleanse my body. Detox juice is a great way to refresh and reboost your mind, body, and energy! You can make your own or get store-made ones if you prefer. I will share some of my favorite detox Juice with you soon… 😉 


ways-to freshenup-your-home-for-Spring

Now tell me, do you usually do any of these to freshen up your home for Spring? How do you get ready for Spring in your home? Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day! 




Beautiful Christmas Mantel Decor you will love

Hypnozglamcom-christmas-holiday-mantel-decorsOne of the main features I love in a house is the fireplace. Living in the Midwest, you will agree with me that they do come handy in the coldest of seasons; but I love fireplaces even more because of the multitude of ideas they give when it comes to decoration your house for the different seasons of the year. Mantel decoration has to be one of the easiest to play around with and it can quickly become the focus point of your house when guests enter. It also allows you to transform your home decor from one season to another without having to break the bank on new furniture or such! To am up your mantel, you can use anything from pictures or art frames, to figurines, flowers, decorative pillows, ottoman or chairs, trees, books…and stockings, wreaths, Christmas figurines, and gift boxes for example in Christmas period. Just about anything! This is were your creativity and originality come in 🙂  Need to get some pretty cool and festive ideas on how to decorate your mantel this season? Check out these mantel decorations I put together, and tell me which one is your favorite. Happy Friday! 

Holiday-mantel-fireplace-decorations -ideasmantel-fireplace-decor-for-christmasSource: HGTV

beautiful-mantel-decor hypnozglamSource: ZGallerie

hypnozglam.com-fireplace-mantel-holiday-decor Source: HGTV

hypnozglam.com-fireplace-mantel-holiday-decorhypnozglam.com-fireplace-mantel-holiday-decor Source: Pottery Barn Kids 

360eb1a68fb111ddd3c74e8582290764Source: House of Hargrove

hypnozglam.com-fireplace-mantel-holiday-decor -hypnozglam.comSource: Adventures in Decorating

hypnozglam.com-fireplace-mantel-holiday-decor Source: House of Hargrove

Hypnozglamcom-christmas-holiday-mantel-decorsSource: Pinterest

So which one is your favorite? Thanks so much for reading and cheers to the weekend!

Xo, Edwige 


Amazing Christmas/Holiday Porch Decor


Hello lovelies and happy Thanksgiving, 

Just one day closer to Thanksgiving, and a few days closer to Christmas! Somebody. Stop. The. Time. Please… Seriously, I can’t stop thinking about how time has flown by! It makes you put a lot of things in perspective, but I digress. This post is right on time; as we have our first snow earlier this week and the magic of Christmas is starting to kick in even though we still haven’t even celebrated Thanksgiving yet. 🙂 In our family, we start braking out the Christmas decorations only the weekend after thanksgiving, but I can tell you that seeing all these amazing Christmas décor on the internet, throughout the city and some areas of my corner of the wood, is so exciting! It just reminds me of how my parents used to drive us around in our neighborhood to see the amazing décor and lightings! It was fascinating and still is for me. Real Magic! I believe Porch/ entry decors are kind of the preview of what’s awaiting you inside the house. If you happen to be in an “awe” moment when you see an entry décor, chances are, you will stand in “awe” when you enter the house… I know you agree!

Well, Tis’ the season, and I can’t help it, but picked a few of some amazing porch/entry Christmas decorations on Pinterest… Enjoy, and while you’re at it,  let me know what you think. 

christmaswreathtrio68a6cbba0577592e25ee908d3e26cd5bchristmas-entry-porch_8750-amazing-outdoor-christmas-decorations-9christmas-entry-porch_84fad270f8db3f964a121ef0ec7c8f4ed6christmas-entry-porch_1950-amazing-outdoor-christmas-decorations-34christmas-entry-porch_42christmas-entry-porch_18christmas-entry-porch_53SONY DSCchristmas-entry-porch_78christmas-entry-porch_51christmas-entry-porch_07christmas-entry-porch_03510443_mainchristmas-entry-porch_17christmas-entry-porch_2168a6cbba0577592e25ee908d3e26cd5bgorgeous-outdoor-christmas-decor

Thank you for reading; and I hope you enjoy Thanksgiving with your loved ones. 

XOXO, Edwige


Deck the Halls | Winter Wonderland

Hello beauties,

It’s that time of the year again. Christmas trees are going up and ornaments and figurines are coming out of their hiding places. Kids are getting more and more excited and are looking forward to their Christmas gifts. Christmas has to be my favorite holiday… it’s magic! And beside celebrating the real meaning of the season and doing various and fun activities with loved ones and exchanging gifts, Christmas decorations always put me in an awe moment. Years after years, I’ve dreamed of transforming my home into a winter wonderland with an elegant and sparkling scene. However, my husband always ends up convincing me not to, because of the fact that the kids are still young and that wouldn’t be such a great idea. Ah, what sacrifices wouldn’t we do for those kids, huh. You know I wouldn’t go down without a fight, so I always try to incorporate a white decor somewhere somehow in the house. If you are anything like me and appreciate a white, minimalist Christmas decor, I’m sure you will enjoy these “winter wonderland decors” and get inspired on how to incorporate white or silver into your Christmas Decor this year.

2016mantle_1holidaydecor2016Via Z Gallerie


monika-hibbs-white-christmas-2-681x1024monika-hibbs-white-christmas-682x1024Via Style At Home


holiday-decorating-ideas-bar-cartvia Hank & Hunk

white- and -silver-Christmas-decorVia Midwest Living.


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