Outdoor Decor Envy

e1b39ef46b16784f75c14d8e7728c67bHappy Friday guys!

There’s no better place than the comfort of your patio, front porch, or balcony to enjoy a calm, custom retreat or fun moment with family or friends. Whether you just want to grab a glass of chilled blush wine while sifting through your favorite book and ‘escape’ or want to entertain your friends on a beautiful day over drinks and appetizers, these beautifully designed and decorated landscaped  patios will certainly give you a “Patio Envy” moment! 🙂 

Now, bask in the thought of a feng shui-style gathering or alone-time relaxation… Hummmmmm  😉

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Spring Around The Web

Hello Beauties!

Spring is in full effect right?! If not so in your corner of the wood, well I do understand 🙂 

These pictures will brighten up any dull day and I chose to brighten up yours just in case! I hope these paint a smile on your face as you scroll trough them! View Post


Turn your home-office into a space you love!

658d142f4220861156b93b3bc0b1b519For the last few weeks, I have been trying to revamp my home-office space. I probably didn’t say this here yet, but I’m  full-time self-employed now.  I have taken the leap from the 9-5 to entrepreneurship and I’m loving it. I wish I could release more info about it, but I have to keep the excitement in for now as I’m still working on a lot of things. No worries, I will share the news with you all in due time. 🙂  

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Unique Gifts For The Glams



If you haven’t started shopping for your loved-ones yet, this glam holiday gift guide  (Pictures below) might just be what you’re waiting for! Stay tuned as I will post more gift ideas for everyone on your list throughout the month!  Happy Friday! 

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Kravitz Design by Lenny Kravitz

I love me some Lenny Kravitz! He’s a great and talented rockstar and he got style! But wait… There’s more! When in 2003 the news broke about the launching of this top of the line legendary rockstar’s interior design firm – Kravitz Design Inc, I just had to check out his work; and I wasn’t disappointed! He’s amazing, but his work is even more so! Have you checked out his new collection in partnership with CB2 this month? I call it glam-meets-comfort. Modern pieces with fun and unique patterns such as chevrons, stripes, and geometrics… I can guaranty you that you will surely love his style if you love anything bold and a 70’s-inspired style. See for yourselves!

lenny-kravitz-cb2 (1)






rake-brass-chair (1)

ya-ya-coffee-table (1)

See more of the CB2 X Kravitz Design  here