IMG_2115Hello world! And happy new month!

Last Saturday,¬†we got to celebrate this amazing man’s birthday! It was a great day filled with joy and good vibes! Just like any significant other who ensures that their second half has the happiest of birthdays, I made sure my baby spends an awesome day! If you do not believe in the fact that happiness is contagious, you certainly haven’t encountered a truly happy person yet; because when the (happy ūüôā ) birthday king was (is) happy, I’m happy; we’re all happy! No pun intended ūüôā . Joy truly is contagious! Make sure you spend time with people who make you twice as happy!¬†

We started the day with a refreshing couple-massage¬†session, then¬†had a family brunch at one of our favorite¬†French restaurants in town. Later in the evening, we had a birthday dine-out with some close friends. The night was still young and filled with more suprises, laughters and joy!¬†I have shared a couple pics with my friends on Instagram but you can see below for a quick glimpse ūüôā

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Five orange pumpkins sit in a row in front of a distressed, wooden background.

Let’s give thanks!

I’ve probably stated this here¬†before; maybe last Thanksgiving¬†maybe not; I feel like it is something I will never get tired of saying. I feel like I really need to say it more often, so much that it sinks deep in the core of my being and yours. Gratitude is something we should express every single day. it’s a sentiment we should never cease to have. It should be our way of living. Life itself is to be grateful for. Some people do not have it anymore. Some others are fighting for theirs.

Many of the things that we take for granted are the simplest, smallest things. The food on the table, the family that loves us, the friends that got our back, the income we bring home, the things we enjoy doing that we can actually do, the simple fact that we are alive and well. I can go on and on. I can get very personal and tell you all the blessings that I’m counting, but I want to make this about you; yes if you’re reading this, I want you to know that there are so many blessings that are left to be counted, but we are so busy chasing the ones we think we don’t have that we actually can’t see the ones that have been bestowed upon us. Count your blessings! Today is a gift, tomorrow is not promised, so let’s celebrate life every single day. Let’s be thankful! Let’s count our blessings!¬†Let us say our gratitude every single day because gratitude should be a way of living!¬†


” Gratitude unlocks the fullness

of life. It turns what we have into

enough, and more. It turns denial into

acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to

clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast,

a house into a home, a stranger

into a friend.”¬†

-Melody Beattie

If you’ve missed my lifestyle post about a creative and nice way to count your blessings. you can find it here ūüôā


Thanks for reading! And wherever you are, enjoy your turkey and be thankful:-)





happy birthdayLife is an enormous gift

A gift to be celebrated

Today is a of one a kind  gift

To this gift I’m devoted

When I woke up

I knew God has blessed me with another year

I smiled and knelt down and then I looked up

I couldn’t say a word, then I smiled again, from ear to ear

At this very moment, short of words

To express my gratitude to the Lord of lords

I knew that  I was blessed, Blessed to be well and alive

Blessed to open my eyes this morning and arise

My heart and whole being are full of gratitude

Gratitude for Life

A beautiful life

Gratitude for love

An unconditional love

Oh yes! My heart and whole being are full of gratitude.

As I knelt down, looked up and smiled from ear to ear

From deep down my soul, I  yelled  : THANK YOU

Thank you Lord

Thank  you for another year

A prayer is alright , and THANK YOU

Is my prayer  today

As I woke up to another blissful day, 

I knelt down, looked up and say


¬†Today is a good day to have a good day! Happy Birthday to me! ūüėȬ†




Hello and Happy Tuesday!

I hope you had a blissful weekend and that this new week has found you well!

I’m in a place in my life where I have grown¬†a bunch more in faith! I love the saying, when prayers go up, blessings come down and I thank God for all the blessings He is bestowing on my family and I.

On another hand, I’m very excited for my very first annual Sip Shop and Socialize event coming this Sunday. I plan on making this event as fun and as cool as possible… and I can’t wait! Stay tuned! ¬†I will fill you all in… But if you live in the Minneapolis area, I would love to meet you there! Let me know if you’ll make it! ūüôā XO


Bonjour et Bon Mardi a vous!

J’esp√®re que votre weekend a √©t√© des plus agr√©ables et que vous avez commenc√© la semaine sur une bonne note!

Je vois agr√©ablement ma foi cro√ģtre ces temps-ci … Et j’aime bien la citation ” lorsque les pri√®res montent, les b√©n√©dictions descendent” et je remercie le bon Dieu pour toutes ses merveilles a l’√©gard de ma famille et moi.

Parlant d’autre chose, je suis hyper contente de pr√©senter mon tout premier √©v√©nement de l’ann√©e ¬†ce dimanche, dans le cadre de mon¬†blog. J’esp√®re bien que ce sera une soir√©e tr√®s fun et cool comme je le projette. Tout compte fait, je vous en tiendrai inform√©s. Soyez connect√©s! Cependant, si vous vivez dans les agglom√©rations de Minneapolis, j’aimerais bien vous voir a la c√©l√©bration. Dites-moi si vous y serez. ūüôā Bisous!



I love this man!

Ed marriage 2Hello friends!
Today is a very special day for my husband and I. We are celebrating our four-year wedding anniversary, and I can shamelessly admit that I’m very romantic at heart. Memories such as this one are just so priceless to me; and it’s not only a moment of reminiscence of the actual day hubby and I tied the knot before God and men, but also the reminiscence of the love and appreciation I have for the most amazing husband on earth! View Post