Hello guys,

If you know me well, or follow me on Instagram or any social media for that matter, you probably know that I’m a huge inspirational quotes person.

Sharing inspirational quotes with family and friends, for me doesn’t mean that my life is perfect and that my posts necessary always reflect  what I’m doing or how I’m feeling at the moment.

On the other hand, while some people believe that those who share inspirational quotes or portray a positive attitude in their social media feeds may be subject to loneliness or depression, I don’t believe that statement is necessary true.


I can’t speak for everybody, but what I can tell you is that my life isn’t perfect but it’s far from being boring; I strive and try to live a positive life to the best of my ability and I wouldn’t preach anything I’m not doing or trying to do myself.

If anything, my inspirational words are self-motivation at times, and just one of the few actions towards my aspiration to inspire or motivate others to have a positive attitude and live their best life.

customized-girl-shirtThere are so many awesome quotes out there, and for me to decide on a favorite one has to be one of the hardest decisions I would have to make. However, there’s no doubt that the quote “She Believed She Could, So She did!” is one of them.


customized-girls-You guys know It’s not everyday that you get to design your own shirts; and I could barely contain my excitement when I had the opportunity to choose a couple T-shirts from the customized girl website that I can customize to my liking.


However, little did I know I would have a hard time choosing the graphics that I wanted, but I just knew “She Believed She Could, So She Did” would be one of them.

The customizing experience with Customized Girl was so easy and the T-shirts were shipped to me as fast as possible. I received them just a few days after customizing them and they were just as expected and I know I will get a lot of wears out of these shirts. I love them and they look like they will hold up to a lot of wears.

Back-to-school season is in full swing and this is the perfect timing to pack on some pretty shirts and if you like them customized, now you know where to look 🙂

There were a lot of things I believed I could do and I went on and did them; and I hope to continue surprising and impressing myself with all the greatnesses in me.


… And I hope you don’t let other people or the negative voice in your head deter you from the greatness within you.

customized-girl-shirtWhat’s your thoughts on inspirational quotes and what’s your favorite one?

Thank you for reading and cheers to fabulous Weekend.


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victoria-beckham-floral-romperHey guys,
You’ve probably never seen me in a romper on the blog before; and that’s because I have always had a hard time finding the right one, and I even stopped looking. I’ve seen and tried some pretty ones with fun prints and cute details, but I would end up not buying them, because they were too short and revealing.
Maybe I wasn’t looking at the right place, or maybe I’m being a little too picky and worrying too much about the rompers being too short… What I know for sure is that, no classy lady likes to have her butt hanging out of her shorts/rompers; and I think it’s safe to say that this retro prints romper in the Victoria Beckham for Target collections was a great find. Plus, it was on a major sale and I thought it was worth a try. I must admit I thought it was still a little short to my taste; and being a little over the average height and being blessed with some curves doesn’t help either. Lol
Overall, I like the fit and the whole 70’s vibe look. I wore it to a fun baseball game/barbecue; and it was a hit. I completed the look with my cute pom pom flats and straw handbag, my favorite summer hat for a summery and trendy look.
What do you think? Did I make this retro floral romper work ? I think it gives me hope that I can rock short rompers too.
Romper: Sold out- SIMILAR. Love this one and this | Flats: Here | Bag: Similar:  | Hat: HERE | Sunnies: Similar | Bracelet: Here


victoria-beckham-floral-romper-pompom-sandalvictoria-beckham-floral-romper-pompom-sandalvictoria-beckham-floral-romper-pompom-sandalvictoria-beckham-floral-romper-pompom-sandalvictoria-beckham-floral-romper-pompom-sandal victoria-beckham-floral-romper-pompom-sandal victoria-beckham-floral-romper-pompom-sandal print-romper-pompom-sandals-straw bag


Romper: Sold out- SIMILAR. Love this one and this | Flats: Here | Bag: Similar:  | Hat: HERE | Sunnies: Similar | Bracelet: Here

I appreciate you for stopping by, and I love reading your comments. Thank you and make it a great day,




Victoria-secret-for-target-pink-dressHappy Wednesday beauties

I wore this bright pink dress to my Godson’s birthday party a few weeks ago. You can’t go wrong with a cute little bright dress in Summer; and I’m surely enjoying my little Summer dresses. This dress is one of my “Victoria Beckham for Target” dresses’ haul, (check this one out) and I love that it gives me an instant effortless chic vibe. This chic multilayered beads necklace is a nice pop against the pink dress, and it’s even prettier in person!  I hope you’re not getting too tired of seeing these striped heels on the blog. I love them, and they pair really well with my cute little dresses. I wish I could promise you that you will not be seeing more of them on the blog, but that will be a lie… 🙂  Hey don’t judge me! Well, off I go!







Victoria-secret-for-target-pink-dressShop my look:

Dress: Victoria Beckham for Target (Similar) | Heels: Similar, love these  Also seen here and here| Necklace: HERE| Bag: Similar. More here



beutiful-maxi-dress-and-hatTGIF friends,

When I think maxi dresses, I think summer staples. They are simply perfect for all kinds of summer occasions; and they quickly became my wardrobe workhorse in the Summer. Need to run to the store? I reach out for a maxi. Need to grab a cup coffee or tea, I trow on a maxi. A quick trip to the bank, I run to my maxi dress. A night out with the girls, I dress up my maxi. Well, you get the idea! Maxi dresses can be dressed up or down for any and every occasion. And you know what? I’m not ready to pack up my maxi dresses just yet, just because fall is around the corner. By adding fall layers, I think my favorite summer maxis can become fall staples as well. Can you imagine adding a denim jacket to this prAna Maxi dress I’m wearing here? I think it will be a win! 

fabulous-and-versatile-maxi-dressprAna offers such cute, versatile, and amazing clothes; and what’s even more amazing is that they were designed for everyone with different lifestyles in mind. From outdoor activities collections to work-related looks or gym gears, there’s something for everyone!

Summer-maxi-dress-and-hat The Cali Maxi dress, which I’m wearing here also comes in many different pretty colors. The dress has an interior shelf bra with removable cups. While I think that’s a great feature as you wouldn’t need to wear a bra underneath, that was the actual downfall for me personally, being top-heavy. I would recommend going a size up if you fall under this category.

Summer-maxi-dress-and-hatThe dress is currently on sale for half the price and you get an additional 15% OFF if you use the special code “S17BLET” at check out. Don’t miss out on this great deal! 😉 This oversized/weekender bag is also from prAna. I initially didn’t plan on styling the bag and the dress together, but it worked out just fine, so I went for it.

Summer-maxi-dress-and-hatThis bag is huge. I couldn’t believe how many things I could stuff in there when I used it for an out of town weekend, and later on for picnic needs a few weeks ago. It’s very practical and fit the multipurpose go-to use. Furthermore, it’s being made with excellent quality! 😉 

Summer-maxi-dress-and-hatprAna clothes are not only designed to be a “wear anywhere”, but they are also created to be fashionable, comfortable, and versatile. My favorite bonus with their items is that they are eco-friendly. The Cali Maxi Dress, for instance, is made in organic cotton! PrAna pieces are made either in organic cotton or hemp.

Summer-maxi-dress-and-hatIn case you don’t know, Hemp is a wonderful, sustainable and eco-friendly product; and this video will tell you why. Additionally, a lot of them also use recycled materials. So, planet-friendly is a big deal to the company.

beutiful-maxi-dress-and-hatWhen a company not only cares about people and the environment, but also prioritizes giving back to communities all over the world, that’s just amazing! 

Summer-maxi-dress-and-hatAre you dying yet to know what’s going on with my hair? Well, I’m chanelling my inner Beyonce LOL.  I had this style on for about two weeks and it has been a love and hate story. HA! 😀 

Summer-maxi-dress-and-hatSince everyone else but me thought the color looks great on me, I had to find a way to actually love it, so whenever I’m going out I would add a hat. Until just one day when I didn’t wear one and everybody and their grandmas had to comment on how beautiful I look. Ironic right? LOL.

Summer-maxi-dress-and-hatI do think by adding the hat to the dress, it gives a cool and summery vibe that I like. Like I mentioned above, this is such a versatile dress, and the styling options are endless. It just depends on how you want to feel and the vibe you want to exude.

maxi-dress-lookYou’ll find more versatile and cute pieces such as this dress, sport gears, accessories, and much more on; and while you’re there use the special discount code “S17BLET” to receive 15% OFF your entire purchase.

What do you think of today’s post? As always, I love hearing your thoughts and reading your comments.


Dress & Bag: c/o prAna. Use code: “S17BLET” for 15% OFF | Hat: Target | Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger 

Thank you for reading; and don’t be a stranger! 🙂



***This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of The bLink Marketing Network and prAna. The opinions and text are all mine.


Hello everyone! Hello August!

It’s unreal how time is flying by and how in the midst of all the busyness, we still manage to do what needs to be done, at least to the best of our abilities. Some days may be easier or better than others, but at the end of the day, we can only do so much, right?

My blog has turned 3 yesterday, and when I was sitting there reflecting on my journey as a blogger, influencer and entrepreneur, I couldn’t help it but compare myself to some of the successful bloggers out there, and what I haven’t accomplished in 3 years, instead of what I have accomplished... The huge followings, that life-changing opportunity, the amazing features etc… And then I had to remind myself that ‘comparison is the thief of joy’ and I started seeing the glass NOT empty NOR half full BUT rather refillable. 

Honestly, 3 years of blogging have made a difference in my life! I’m grateful for it all, and I’m staying in faith for even better days ahead. For everything this journey has thought and given me: The friendship and connections, the learning experience, the amazing opportunities and collaborations, the love and support; I’m just grateful for it all, and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for me. Thanks to you all for your readership, your comments and supports. I appreciate it all and know that I do not take them for granted! 🙂 If you have any suggestions at all, what you’d like to see more on the blog, or any collaboration idea you may have in mind, let me know in the comments session or send me a message. I will take them into serious consideration. 🙂 

Well, happy blog-anniversary to me! 🙂 I will leave you all today with a recap of my July’s outfit posts. I hope you like them.




Inspiration-Post-comfort-zoneFULL POST HERE

Oversized-asymmetric-yellow-dressFULL POST HERE

Here you have it… Do you have a favorite?  Do let me know. Thank you for reading and may the month of August be good to you.