Happy Friday guys, 

Now that Spring is in full effect and we’ve ditched the heavy coats and the tons of layers, it’s time to make room for those shorts and sleeveless pieces, even though we are not really summer-body ready. Let’s just say I’m speaking for myself there. 🙂


Top-fashion-inlfuencersAnyway, when you have a very short dress that you love, but can’t quite see yourself sporting this summer because you will be revealing a lit bit of a little too much, well don’t give it away just yet! Just take a look at these pictures and see what I just did here.




I wore this same dress to the movie a couple of months ago, with a totally different twist; and I think it’s worth sharing for inspiration. What do you think?

Either way, I’m glad I didn’t give up on this little daisy floral prints dress and found stylish ways to sport it. Who knows, next time you will see me wearing it, it will be just as a simple little dress , not with shorts or high-knee boots, but just with some nice sandals… And I will probably have less meat on my bones then… 😀


So what do you think? Is it a “Yes”or a “Hummm” ? I hope this inspires you not to send that short little dress hanging in your closet to Goodwill, just yet. 🙂 



Dress: Sold out. Try this | Denim Shorts: Try these | Heels: Try these | Straw bag: Love this and this | hat: Try This |

As always, thank you for reading and have a fantastic day!

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To all the beautiful mothers and mom-to-be out there, I just wanted to make a real quick stop here to wish you all a very happy Mothers Day! May you celebrate with a heart full of gratitude, and know that you are honored! 


Mother’s Day lookHappy Mothers Day, darlings! BE  HAPPY! 

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top-black-bloggerHello and happy new month, 

I woke up feeling utterly blessed today. Not because my life is perfect and that I have all that I desire, but simply because I’m alive and well and I have the privilege to experiment another beautiful and miraculous day!

When you wake up and make the decision to be happy no matter what and start your day with the intent to make it the best day of your life, it makes a huge difference in how you actually feel and how your day unfolds before you.



May is such a beautiful month; and I’m looking forward to much joy, growth, happiness, and fulfillment this season. It’s my dearest wish that you guys experience the same!

If you’ve seen my latest post here, I mentioned how cute little dresses and bold and bright colors are so perfect for Spring. If anything, I’m taking a more laidback and simple and fun approach to my style lately and I believe Spring and Summer are the perfect seasons to reflect that even more.


Isn’t this a cute dress!? The details are so pretty and the cut is simple yet fun. It has become one of my go-to- dresses for a quick and polished look on casual days. I would switch up the wedges for some pretty and fun sandals to dress it up for other occasions. 

This dress was part of the Victoria Beckham Collection in Collaboration with Target last year, but I have similar ones listed below for you to check out. 


Thank you for visiting me and I wish you nothing but love and Light!

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Top-fashion-influencersHappy Friday, guys! 

We can cheerfully say that Spring has finally sprung! This is such an amazing time for little floral and cute dresses like this one; and they’re so versatile and can be worn to weddings, graduations, birthdays etc… I wore this one to a baby shower and received countless compliments. I see myself repeating this look throughout the season, just because the dress is so cute, comfortable and timeless. Adding some cute casual sandals on a dress such as this one will make it perfect for a casual gathering as well. What are your go-to’s for Spring Styling? Do you lean more towards cute prints or pastel, bright and solid colors? 



DRESS : Similar HERE & HERE  | SHOES : Similar HERE & HERE | EARRINGS : Similar HERE & HERE | BAG: Try this 


Black-fashion-bloggerHi loves, 

I hope you’re ready for the weekend. According to the forecast, we should be expecting a beautiful and sunny  weather this weekend, which is a relief, because last weekend was nothing close to beautiful or sunny. At least not up here in the Midwest. Well, when you live in the Midwest for a while now, and you know that  Mother Nature can decide to go bipolar this time of the year, you just stay prepared. So when life outside gets a little cold, snowy, and stormy, it’s up to each one of us to make life inside a little more joyous and fun, the best way possible we can.

In today’s post, the main  intend here is to show off my new logo t-shirt (Courtesy of DJ Link), while keeping it super comfy and casual all the while remaining classy.

If you ever worried about how to style a logo t-shirt and still keep it snazzy, here’s an idea (or even two) for you. 🙂  What do y’all think?



Thank you so much for reading and have a fabulous weekend! 

Love + Light,