Glittered Front-Slit Gown

Happy Monday beauties,

I hope you had a great weekend and looking forward to a great week ahead! – The end of year’s holiday festivities may be over, but I just have to share this stunning gunmetal glitter dress with you guys! Plus isn’t this little princess of mine too cute in her dress not to share?

I scored my dress during the Forever 21’s Black Friday Sale and, even though I was unsure of the quality, the price tag was good enough for me not to take the leap!

You know you can’t go wrong with glitter and sequin during the holidays, and as simple as this dress is, I love how elegant and classy it looks.

The color and the fabric were perfect for the occasion and the front slit is just the right amount of sexiness that the dress needs.

Now the back is super sexy too, as it’s open and very low; and I think it’s the perfect balance of the conservative front and neckline. (Sorry, I didn’t get any shot of the back. 🙁 )

While this is a fast fashion dress, and the quality is not top of the line, I still think it was worth the price and it’s flattering and very comfortable.

To keep warm and cozy, as we know the temperature can rapidly drop, I had this beautiful printed blazer handy; and while my husband didn’t think the blazer was the perfect one to pair with this dress, I actually thought it was cute and sparks a flair of interest. Wouldn’t you agree with me? 🙂

For a picture perfect moment, I glammed the dress up with some cute accessories. The necklace is an oldie but definitely a goodie; and the earrings were made and gifted to me by my lovely friend over at Zena fashions. – Guys, she makes the most beautiful jewelries!

Last, but not least, the “red bold lips” was the finishing touch for that glam chic look!

As always, thank you for reading; and let’s make this new week a wonderful one!

Love & Light,


My Dress: HERE | Shoes: HERE| Earrings: c/o Zena Fashion | Clutch: Similar: HERE & HERE | Necklace: Try THIS.


Faith it Till You Make It!


Happy Friday beauties,
Truth is, this is a lost file; and I never intended to share these pictures here. My perfect plan was to recreate this outfit one of these days or at least to re-style the top (which is the main focus of the look) with a different bottom for a better photoshoot.

Oftentimes, the message is just so much more important than the messenger, so today, I decided to share a word with you in spite of the feeling I have that this look could “say” so much more than it does… but it could be just my opinion. My other feeling was that this message was too important for me not to share it with you today…
And if I had to do it, it had to be with some type of visuals, so here I come!


Faith It Till You Make It!

It is almost to my certainty that you have already heard this popular saying: “Fake it till you make it”. Well, today I want to tell not to do that. Don’t fake it until you make it, because what’s really the point of that? Instead, you have all the right to “Faith it till you make it” – If you are a believer, you can reflect on John 20:29 that says “Blessed are those who believe without seeing”. But here’s the thing, whether you believe in God or the Word of God or not, whatever higher power you believe in, reality is that you must live your best life in the spiritual or you must imagine and visualize it before you can actually manifest it in the physical. – Just remember that faith without work is truly dead.

For the non-believer, we say that Graham Bell imagined, saw, and made the telephone in his mind before he invented it. It all starts in the “mental”!
So whatever you’re after, see it in your minds eyes first! See it materializing in your reality, but most importantly, believe that it will BE!
Faith it until you make it!

Because of my long hair, you probably cannot see the entirety of the writing on my top, but it’s FAITH… so I think the look does “says” a lot after all! 😉

Top: Sold out, Similar styles HERE & HERE | Skirt c/o Universal Standard: Also seen HERE and HERE | Shoes: similar HERE & HERE | Clutch: Custom Made by Dakrol Creation Similar HERE & HERE


6 Things to do for a successful 2019


Happy Monday beauties,

Often, we all need a little bit of inspiration here and there; and today, I feel that I should share with you these 6 things that, I believe if you follow will help you achieve your goals this year.


1 – Meditate and Pray

Daily meditations, affirmations, and prayers are a life-changer, whether you believe in God, the universe, or the source.

2- Set Realistic Goals

 New year resolutions are quite frankly becoming “old things”. Why? Well, because, for whatever reasons, they’re hard to stick to. “The new year, new me” phrase has gotten so much cliche, but I believe that as long as you set realistic and measurable goals, you should be able to work towards them and make things happen. – Read the post “Goals vs Commitments” HERE for more insights on the subject.

3- Choose A Word Of The Year.

If you don’t know, this is being the new “it” thing most “goals diggers” are leaning towards these days. As mentioned earlier, new year’s resolutions can be complex things to do. Not that people can’t and don’t stick to them. It’s statistically proven that less than 22% of ‘new-year-resolutioners’ actually keep up with and meet their goals! If you do, Bravo! More power to you and keep up with the great work! However, choosing a word for the year gives you more chance to be focused on that very word which, in many ways, will ultimately help in staying focused in achieving your goals. – Need more insights on this subject? This article may help.

4- Be consistent

Consistency is key in everything we do. You can’t achieve anything if you are not consistent in what needs to be done to get there. This is something dear and near to my heart that I’m working on everyday.

Being consistent with the little things as reading my devotional everyday, for example or being consistent with my blog is critical for me to get to where I want to be. When you want great results, you’ve got to keep doing what needs to be done – Like they say, content is king, but consistency is queen !

5- Get inspired.

It’s a great and smart thing to look for inspiration in others, but learn to remain true to yourself. Trying to be someone you’re not and copying their every little moves will not do you any good. The only thing it would is keep you from being or becoming who you’re truly destined to be.
You can find inspiration in people, books, social media, TV shows, art… pretty much almost everywhere as long you keep your eyes and mind open for those bits and pieces, but make it your own. Add that touch of YOU! Authenticity is a quality that is not only easily recognized and applauded, but it will take you a long way.

6- Have faith and believe in yourself!

 Have faith in God or whatever higher power you believe in and believe that you can do great things. If you don’t believe in yourself, (no one else will and) you can’t accomplish anything! An undeniable key to success is believing in one self.

Not everyone is highly talented and too smart (sorry, but it’s the truth), but anyone that believe in their ability to work hard, practice, and make things happen and succeed, in fact, will succeed even when they’re not talented! – BELIEVE TO ACHIEVE!


Read more, learn new things, do more of what you love, travel when you can, have meaningful conversations. Life is too short and too precious to be wasted on things that take you nowhere. This year, try to invest your time in doing things that will help you be the best version of yourself.  (See more about reading here! )

Thank you for reading and make it a great week.

Love & Light,



Goals Vs Commitments


TGIF everyone,

Only four days into the new year, and I can feel around me all the vibes and energies everyone is putting toward making 2019 an epic year. It really feels refreshing to see how mindsets are been shifted, and people are claiming more of what they believe they deserve. You have to believe it to achieve it, guys. Let’s keep this momentum and, together, we will thrive.


New Year’s Resolution.

By the way, how are you doing with your new year ‘s resolutions so far? The word on the street is that people are not really obsessed with new year’s resolutions as they used to be back in the days. In fact, I have written about this just a couple years ago and I have also shared with you what I have been doing instead. Who remembers anything from a couple months ago, let alone a couple years ago…? 😀 Don’t sweat it, refresh your memory HERE !


The Word Of The Year

However, if you’re still fond of new year’s resolutions and it’s been working great for you, stick with it, darling. We do what works best for us, right!? 😉 Anyway, for the sake of trying something new, go on and read about choosing a Word Of The Year.


Something to consider

Choosing a word of the year has been working well for me, but I have read about something that has sparked my interest and gives another perspective on goals and, I wanted to share that with you. – By the way, I shared this with my newsletter friends and I received some great feedback. They love the idea and appreciated me sharing it with them. If you are not on my e-mail list, I suggest you sign up now. I promise that I will never spam you. In fact I must say, once you’re on that list, you may regret not being on it sooner! 🙂 –


Anyways, back to the new perspective on having goals. It’s good to have goals, but we fail to realize that what truly lies between your goal and actually achieving it, is commitment!

Goals Vs Commitments

The difference between goals and commitments is that a goal is something you want to achieve (your desire), such as running a marathon for instance. On the other hand, a commitment is a rhythm of life that puts you in a place to get there. In this case, running four miles five days a week to prepare for the marathon.


Do you see what’s going on here? We all want to achieve our goals, but not everyone is consciously committed to put the work in!
In my book, goals are widely overrated and commitments are majorly underrated!


Whether you chose to stick with new year’s resolutions or choosing a word of the year or having a bucket list, or just having rules of life, there’s no right or wrong to this. Just remember that you need to commit yourself to taking daily, weekly, or monthly actions that will lead to achieving your yearly or life goals.


Goals are the desired end result, but only commitment to a working process gets you there


Thank you for reading.

Love & Light,



Happy & Prosperous New Year


Happy New Year Beauties,

We made it to 2019, and what a blessing it is in itself to be well and alive, to witness another brand new year, the first blank page of a new chapter!

However, before we get into the whole new year, new resolutions thing :-), let me just give you a quick review of how an amazing year 2018 has been!


Gratitude, Faith, and Growth are some of the words that summarize my 2018! It was full of blessings and lessons; and I’m grateful for it all, but my gratitude comes mostly from being able to have peace even in the midst of the storm.


That been said, as grateful as I am for 2018, I will leave it in the past with all that he has brought, and I will continue my journey with a heartfelt excitement for 2019; because a year end is never an end, but rather a continuity…


Are you ready for 2019? I know I am! I also know that it’s going to be an EPIC year and I’m excited to see what it has in store for us ALL. Believe it and claim it! Then work for it!


There’s more to you than yesterday. -When you start to feel like things should have been better this past year, remember the mountains and valleys that got you here. They are not accidents and those moments weren’t in vain. You are not the same. You have grown and you are growing. You are breathing and you are living. You are wrapped in endless boundless grace; and things will get better. – There’s more to you than yesterday. ~Morgan Harper Nichols


Here’s to the new year! – The most amazing year of your life. I wish you nothing short of happiness and success.


Love & Blessings,