red high low duster and leather pants

Hello there friends,

You all know there’s no other color than red to welcome the festive holidays! And this red high low shirt duster is definitely a piece to make you feel all festive in a chic yet casual way… Exactly the look I was going for,  for a night out with the hubs and some friends on his birthday! These faux leather skinnies and the red lipstick and heels helped in accomplishing my semi- formal look. Red is such a bold color that commends attention and screams power.  I personally find this color (especially vibrant red) to be oh-so sexy! Do you care for the color red? I know I do! 🙂

I actually had to repeat this look the following day for my photo shoot because it didn’t work out as planned the night before… and if you notice at all, I look super tired in the photos but hey, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do! 😉

Want a more relaxed look? Switch up the leather skinnies with a pair of skinny jeans… Keep the heels or switch them up with some animal prints flats and you’re ready to grab a cup of coffee or lunch with a friend.


red high low shirt and leather skinniesred highlow and lether pantsRed high low duster and black leather pants


red and leather pants 3red and leather 4red shirt black shirtred and black fashion lookred high low duster and black coat and leather pantsbeautiful red and blackred shirt and leather

I’m wearing : Duster :  SIMILAR: HERE, HERE or HERE | Leather skinnies : HERE, HERE or HERE| Heals : HERE, HERE, or HERE | Necklace : SIMILAR HERE, HERE or HERE | Purse: Similar HERE, HERE and HERE| Coat :Similar HERE, HERE or HERE

Thank you so much for reading! Wishing you a fabulous week! XO!



TGIF everyone!

Just like that, November is gone and December is here, which means the Holiday’s festivities are here! On one hand, I’m soooo excited to share different holidays looks with you! 😀 On the other hand, I honestly can’t believe 2016 is around the corner. It feels like just a couple of months ago when we broke out the Christmas decorations.

I love incorporating men’s wear in my style from time to time and this bow tie and cape blazer are the perfect combination for the stylish boss lady. 🙂 The polka dot bow tie takes an otherwise simple all-black office look to an WNL (Whole Notha Level)! Sorry, but I couldn’t help but quote my Mad TV fave character! 😀 To be honest with you, I’d wear this to a corporate meeting or a presentation. If you haven’t noticed, I even had my corporate hair-do on! 😀

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IMG_2115Hello world! And happy new month!

Last Saturday, we got to celebrate this amazing man’s birthday! It was a great day filled with joy and good vibes! Just like any significant other who ensures that their second half has the happiest of birthdays, I made sure my baby spends an awesome day! If you do not believe in the fact that happiness is contagious, you certainly haven’t encountered a truly happy person yet; because when the (happy 🙂 ) birthday king was (is) happy, I’m happy; we’re all happy! No pun intended 🙂 . Joy truly is contagious! Make sure you spend time with people who make you twice as happy! 

We started the day with a refreshing couple-massage session, then had a family brunch at one of our favorite French restaurants in town. Later in the evening, we had a birthday dine-out with some close friends. The night was still young and filled with more suprises, laughters and joy! I have shared a couple pics with my friends on Instagram but you can see below for a quick glimpse 🙂

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Hello darlings,

I hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving with your loved-ones. For the first time, my family and I had a somehow calm and intimate Thanksgiving. I didn’t host any gathering at our house and have declined all invitations, because I was so tired and needed to unwind and refresh… At first, the girls were not too happy with the idea, but they quickly went with the flow! We had a family brunch, watched movies, played games, danced to some good music and had a cozy family Thanksgiving dinner ! They loved it!

This weather was as unpredictable as my photo shoot! When I woke up to the snow on the windows, roofs and grass, I knew I was going to wear a faux-fur coat. You ask why? Well, I wish I could explain. 🙂  I just knew I wanted to style a casual fur look for this snowy day. I was camera ready and hubby couldn’t help but snatch a few pics, and of course you all know I couldn’t help but share it here! Even though I had another post planned for today, I’ve stayed up and worked on this one instead… just for you! 🙂 The little girl in me loves how the snowflakes are visible in the shots! 😀

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Black vest and OTK boots 13!!Hello  Glam fam 🙂

I hope you’re having a fantastic day! When I was telling you last time about my brief blogging hiatus and my crazy schedule, I was keeping it real and that made me think a little. As they say, you always find time for the people you care about no matter how busy you are; and I think the same goes for things we love to do. We always manage to make room for them whether we think of them as hobby or career. Well, one of the reasons I started this journey is my aspiration to inspire. I probably never shared this on the blog, but I can’t begin to explain the warm and fuzzy feeling that I have when I go through all the messages, the words of encouragement, support, testimonies, and inspirational comments that are sent my way every day. Knowing that what I set my mind to do is much appreciated and inspires someone somewhere one way or another, is so driving; and I can’t help but keep the passion and the blessing alive! I’m simply humbled and blessed!

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