Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that life isn’t “Burger King” and we can’t “always have it our way”.

I love this dress, but it’s not the most flattering dress I have ever worn. It’s bossy and makes me feel like ah ‘mom-to-be’ whenever I wear it. I love it, because it’s made of breathable cotton fabric with spandex, which is perfect for these hot summer days. It’s very comfortable and easy to throw on! Do I love it? Yes. Do I wish it had a better fit? Yes, and that will be “Burger King” right here, but I guess this ain’t Burger King, and I can’t always have it my way… 🙂





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Dress: HERE, love this ONE too | Shoes: SIMILAR , or HERE | Bag: SIMILAR, Love THIS, & THIS | Hat: HERE & HERE | Sunglasses: SIMILAR | Earrings: SIMILAR 



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Here’s a quick outfit post featuring this simple yet chic polka-dots dress. Target is seriously coming through with these designer collaborations. Target has never been my go-to clothing shopping in the past, even though I do admit that a simple trip to get a couple of toothbrushes usually results in a cart full of merchandises for the household. 


If you’ve noticed, I have been sharing a lot of finds from target lately. When amazing styles meet affordability, who can resist?

Well, this dress is another awesome deal I got in the store along with a few others and I can’t wait to share them with you guys. 

fabulous-fashion-and-lifestyle-bloggerThe style and cut on this dress is so feminine and I love that you can dress it up or dress it down. It came with a removable slim waist tie, but I chose to switch it up a bit with this Gucci belt. If you love polka dots, I’m sure you know that’s what really makes the dress more appealing; especially with  the large, white polka-dot pattern decorating the flounce and ruffled hem and a smaller version of the same pattern decorating the body!  Definitely an eye-catcher.


I think this was the perfect look for a nice romantic dinner ‘aux chandelles’ with the husband. What do you think?

Dress: HERE | Try THIS| Clutch: HERE | Shoes: Similar HERE and HERE | Belt: HERE or HERE 

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Look who’s making an appearance on the blog today! – The master man behind the camera; and, if you ask me it’s long overdue! 🙂 I mean, take a look at the photos and tell me if he’s not a natural!



Well, if you don’t know, this is my husband! I know… I kind of get like this when I talk about him… and we just celebrated our umpteenth anniversary of being together – I kid you 🙂 but yes August is a month of great celebrations; and after a new milestone in the blogging venture (read about it here), on August 6th we closed another chapter in the book of marriage, and we are welcoming new ones full of blessings.

Made-and-mastered-shirt Made-and-mastered-shirt

Since it was during weekdays, we had a celebratory dinner and took a romantic walk by the lake, afterwards. We were both looking awesome, but I have to say that I love hubby’s new shirt from my friends at Made & Mastered.


The shirt has that semi-fit look that he usually prefers… and the color really pops up against his melanin, don’t you think? Well, maybe you don’t want to ask my opinion but I will give it to you anyway! 🙂



I think he looks very dashing and handsome! Even though he claimed that not having enough sleep for the past few days had a toll on his ‘freshness”, I still think he looks awesome and is rocking this shirt. My friend at Made & Mastered should definitely send him a check for doing much justice to this shirt!


Well, guys, thank you so much for stopping by. I appreciate you and I know hubby will too if you leave a nice comment for him under this post. Maybe that will motivate him to make an appearance here more often? We never know, right?! 🙂



Shirt c/o : Made & Mastered

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On August 1st of 2014, I braved all sentiments of fear and the unknown, mustered up my courage and hit “Publish” for the very first time on my blog. You can read all about it here. – It’s been a relatively long journey, but each year brought me closer to my dreams and goals.


There were times when I asked myself the million dollars question: Is it all worth it? The challenges, the hard work, the investments, the critics, the No’s, the late night sleep, etc… and every time the answer was a resounding “Yes!”. So here I am, celebrating another milestone.


If there’s one or maybe 2 things I will leave you with after reading this post, it’s to go after your dreams, no matter how hard, how little, or how ridiculous they seem. You will never know how far you can go if you give up or don’t give it a try.


There will be naysayers (read this post), but their opinions aren’t your business; Or you could be your very own demise (Read this post)… That been said, Be good and true to yourself, know what you want, work for it, and be consistent.


There’s no elevator to success, so yes you must do the work, whether it’s in the physical or the spiritual. Be prepared to do the work and most importantly, be prepared to face challenges. Oh and one more thing! Do not compare your journey to others’.


We are all on different paths and divine assignments. It may take one year for you to get to where you want to be, but it could take 10 years to the other person. A lot goes into it; and each person’s definition of success is different.


Be inspired by someone you like or whose journey you’re following. Heck! Reach out and ask for advice if you must, but remember that comparison is the thief of joy; and nothing good comes out of it.

Believe and do the work!


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For the past couple weeks I have been missing in action; not only here on the blog, but also sporadically on social media. It wasn’t intentional at first, even though I have planned many times for the past few months to retrieve myself from the internet, because God knows I needed it, but truth be told, I was reluctant for many reasons. Well, sometimes life would force us to take a much needed action, through a certain situation, whether it’s unexpected or not. Sometimes, it’s through an unfortunate life change, but other times it’s just a matter of a small change in our daily routine and habit, and I’m grateful to say that it was the latter. 

fashion-blogger-by-the pool

My family was expecting friends from overseas, and because I knew I would need to dedicate myself to them for these few weeks they were spending with us, I decided to take a little break from working and creating contents, so we can all truly enjoy their stay. – Win-Win, right!?

fashion-blogger-by-the pool


 However, the transition wasn’t a smooth one. My daily routine had changed a bit. I still had a few campaigns due, and my inbox was full of e-mails that needed to be addressed. Keep in mind that I don’t have a team… (YET… Speaking this into existence now), so I do all of the work by myself… (my dear hubby lending a hand every now and then… 😛 ).

fashion-blogger-by-the pool

As much as I tried to put in some work in early in the mornings or late in the evenings, I quickly found out I wasn’t really unplugging and relaxing; I was getting burnt out. It was time to listen to my body and relax my mind. I truly needed to unplug and this is how I did it:

  • I cut down the amount of time I spend on my phone, especially scrolling through Instagram and Facebook. I was still documenting some of our activities through IG stories, but it was solely for fun and only when I felt like it. Even though I tried to take a few outfit photos on the go, I wasn’t obligated to, because they weren’t sponsored.
  • I spent more time flipping through magazines and books to continue stimulating my creative mind even when not working.
  • Music, music, music! Such a soul and Mind’s healer. Good music, that is! 
  • I emailed the brands that I still need to deliver work to during that period of time and asked for an extension on my deliveries. Hey, the worst they could say was “No” and I’m glad I got lots Yes’.
  • I stopped accepting campaigns that will force me to work during the couple weeks period of my break time. Some of them were willing to extend their due date, so that worked just fine.
  • I was still touching base with a couple of clients on projects we were working on; Luckily they weren’t rushed projects or anything in that matter.
  • I made sure to clear my schedule of any work-related events, so that all events I would attend were with family and friends and not in a professional setting.
  • I used my alone time to meditate more, exercice, free my mind, relax, and pamper myself.

fashion-blogger-by-the pool

So these were some of the actions I took to make sure I was getting in the rest I needed and staying away from the internet as much as I could.

Now unto the more fun part 🙂 Since we were having people over, it didn’t make sense to plan a vacation, I would say it was more like a staycation and it was truly what we all needed. We decided to explore our cities (the Twin Cities) even more and enjoy mother nature and any other amenities we may enjoy out here.




The Como Zoo

So, here are some of the things we did and the place we visited:

  •  We spent a lot of time in the water: water-parks, swimming pools, beach…  We all know the positive effect “water” can have on oneself, so it was refreshing, spending a lot of time by the lake and getting those vitamin D in. It’s fair to say that those were the kids favorite moments – Happy kids, happy parents! 🙂 
  • We went for boat rides on the Mississippi river and Lake Minnetonka. If you didn’t know, Minnesota is called the land of ten thousand lakes, and that gives you a lot of options… and honestly, we never get tired of those boat rides, whether it’s a Sunday brunch ride or a Friday/Saturday Sunset Dinner mini-cruise.Missisiipi-river-boat-rideMinneapols-view-on-the mississipi-riverView from the front deck during one of our mini-cruises.


  • We visited the Minehaha fall. One of the Twin Cities most visited places by tourists and even locals. We walked a little through the parks; rode a rented tandem bike/pedal cart at some point all along the river and then had a picnic in the park while watching a band perform.
  • We visited the Sea Life Aquarium in the Mall Of America – (Kids’ favorite). We also spent hours of walking and shopping in the MOA and other outlets malls.
  • In the world of a perfect blogger, I also browse through online store such as wikibuy and others to score some deals.
  • Another day in the mall was spent doing rides in the Nickelodeon World, enjoying crepes, smoothies, and ice-cream.  (Cold Stones is our favorite!) 
  • We ate out a lot. We enjoyed a few old favorites and tried new places too. Our guests enjoyed trying American cuisines, as they traveled from Switzerland. One of their funny reactions was about how generous the foods on the plates were, or how extra big the margarita glasses at the Mexican restaurant was. The shocked look was a true Kodac moment! 😀 
  • We visited the Art Museum, the Science Museum, the Como Zoo,the Sculpture Park, downtown Minneapolis (by day and by night 😉 ) and St Paul and much more… We attended friends and family events and made sure to have all the fun we could have.things-to-do-in-minneapolisMinneapolis Sculpture Garden


  • We also made sure to have some adult only nights out, while the kids were enjoying movies and popcorn and what-not at home.

Phew! Seems like a lot, doesn’t it!? And it was! But hey, we honestly had an awesome time; and even though we spent long days out, we also had days where we just took it easy, enjoyed good conversations, over home-made meals, or those when I have soaked my feet in my foot massage machine or enjoyed a night pampered bath.

Here you have it, folks. This was so much needed; and I’m glad I could kill two birds with one stone. Now I’m trying to get back in the swing of things, but I have to admit that the transition isn’t easy. One thing’s for sure, I’m coming back refreshed, renewed, and excited to step into new dimensions! 🙂 

How do you unplug or cure creative burnout? What do you do?


Thanks for reading and have a great week ahead! 

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