In a previous post HERE, I waxed poetic on the subject of dream killers, and quickly covered the reasons behind some of the different types of dream killers. I mainly pointed out the “external” dream killers and a simple way to overcome them and move on with our vision… Need a quick reminder? You will find (below) an extract from the article on the Dream killers shared with you a few days ago.


“So what if you encounter any of these so-called dream killers?
Just put your blinders on. Let them judge and say whatever they want, but don’t argue. Don’t try to convince them, because you will never succeed. Let it go in one ear and out the other. Your best revenge is to get to work, doing what your heart, dreams, and mind are set on! Let your actions speak louder than your words.”

See, that’s actually the easy part when dealing with dream killers… Anything we can see in the “physical” world, we can pretty much fight and vanquish. It’s not as easy though, when it comes to that inner voice that tells you in a very quiet yet resounding tone that “You cannot do it”. That inner voice that asks you: “What if you fail?” That inner voice that always tries to convince you that “So and so tried and failed; what makes you think that YOU can!?” – That same resounding inner voice that makes you believe that “It’s getting so tough… Are you really cut out for this!?”

Yes, our number one and most dangerous dream killer is ourself; more specifically, our thoughts. The negative and most doubtful ones! The ones that play the most frequently and the loudest in our mind and that are easily fueled by the discouraging words and actions of the naysayers…

Let’s face it, the tumultuous times, just like the negative and defeating thoughts are going to come at one point; especially when the going gets tough, when business slows down, or simply when we get rejections… This is the very moment to safeguard your mind! Only feed your mind positive, encouraging, and empowering thoughts! And do this especially when you’re by yourself… You know what they say, “when you’re with others, watch your words, but when you’re by yourself, watch your thoughts!”.

Many would agree that the overflowing thoughts we have just relate to the importance of the endeavor we’re taking on. However, this process should be a balance of both positive and negative thoughts… the Pro & Con though process… the “hope for the best and plan for the worst” thought process. Unfortunately, as mentioned earlier, the negative ones play the loudest and overpower the positive ones.

However, as far as I’m concerned, the solution is quite simple. The same way we would beat the external dream killers (by changing their negative words and actions into fuel and motivation), we need to change our mindset so that the negative thoughts are sent automatically to the back of our mind. The positive, encouraging, and empowering ones have to always come up on top. “Progress is impossible without change; and those who cannot change their mind cannot change anything!”

Let’s change our mind, so we can progress past our inner dream killers… and accomplish great things!

Let’s change our minds to “I’m well able”, “All I set out to do, I can and will do!”, “No one can understand my vision as much as me or better than me!”, “I am my greatest asset!”, “This is my dream; I believe it and I’ll see it to fruition!”

Inhale confidence… Exhale doubt! Think like a winner! BE A WINNER!

“The reflection you see in the mirror is an image and a reflection of God. Remember who you are! if you ever need assurance of who you are or what you are made of, go and look in the mirror!”




Happy Friday, beauties!

We just made it to the end of the first week of May! Yay! Even though we’ve been getting a lot of rain lately, which haven’t made blog photo shoot easy for me, that’s not the only reason why I haven’t been really consistent with my outfit posts lately! To be honest with you, there’s another reason for that which I’m planning on sharing it with you guys some time soon… And that’s if I don’t change my mind before then. Lol.

Today’s outfit was shot a few weeks ago, when I wore it to church. Caftan – or “boubou” In my native language – has been my church-uniform lately. What I like most about caftan or this kind of prints maxi dresses is how comfortable they usually are and just an easy piece to throw on and go on about your day. They’re perfect for lounging and casual outing but you can dress them up as well for any special occasion. When I have nothing to wear aka when nothing fits me anymore, (a girl’s worst nightmare! Ugh!) they are my go-tos. 🙂  Are you a fan of this prints/caftan dress? Let me know. Off I go!











Dress: (Old – Custom-made)

Clutch: Dakrol (Facebook)

Matching Necklace and Bracelet: Dakrol (Facebook)

Second bracelet & matching ring: WHBM

Shoes: Aldo

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Happy Wednesday lovelies!

It’s a new month and every month is a fresh start, just like everyday! I know there are so many things we plan and try to accomplish and so many goals we try to reach, and sometimes, it just doesn’t happen… and it’s okay. It’s totally fine as long as we keep going and believe there are new opportunities, goals and blessings in each day. What are you looking forward to in the month of May? I have weddings, Birthday Celebrations (including my 1st daughter’s), graduation ceremonies etc… and of course Mothers Day (coming up in in few days) that I look forward to.

Speaking of the latter, I know some of you are still shopping for gifts for the dedicated mothers in your lives… or for the dedicated that that you are, yourself. Trust me, you totally deserve to show yourself some appreciation too! 😉 With that in mind, if you love cute clutches or shoulder bags, you will fall in love with this unique serpentine ones. The red one is my favorite, but some of my friends on Instagram are raving about the black one! 🙂 

Take a look and take a pick…





Here’s are also some cute dresses you can pair either color with! 

BUY HERE … More colors available







So many pretty dresses, right? Check out more colors HERE


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Hello & Happy New Month!

I can’t believe we’re ushering into a new month already. Is it just me or does it seem like 2017 is on the roll?! Well, I hope you started the new week and month on a fantastic note and that you make it as awesome as you can! 

When we’re talking style, especially nowadays, we cannot help but notice how much men also have to bring to the table! From the runways to the Red Carpet or our very own living rooms, dashing men with style and elegance are not rare to be spotted… One of my bloggers’ friends says “She loves and finds it sexy when men can dress well and command attention when they enter a room” and I have to agree with her. Well, let’s treat these dapper men who are the hot topic on the blog as our “eye candy” today, ladies, shall we?! 


Men in suit 5@Icandress2


@Manu Amenounve 

men in suit 1@Davidson_frere

Men in suit 7Unknown


@Bamie Roberts 




Men in suit 3                  @Siruti

Men in suit 13@dappermen

Men in suit 8@DidierDrogba


Men in suit 11@Davidson_frere

men in suit 10@fashionbuzztv

@ RV Glams 

Men in suit 14@dappermen

Men in suit 12@Jus_Wrightt

    @Irvin Randle


Thank you for sticking around, and if you do have a favorite in the lot, (or any that we should know about), please comment below.




As I reminisce on this previously shared blog content (photos included in this article) of a few years ago, that recently popped out on my Facebook newsfeed as “memory post”, I come to realize how important it is to stay focused on your journey, no matter what the distractions might be and I thought I would share a little insight on the subject of… Dream killers.


Now I could let these dream killers kill my self-esteem. Or use my arrogance as the steam to power my dreams… I ain’t play the hand I was dealt, I changed my cards, I prayed to the skies and I changed my stars”~ Kanye West, Last Call. 

Dream killers are the people in your life who don’t believe in you. They don’t think you can do things you vouched to do. They question the validity of your goals. They think you’re a “dreamer”.

Dream killers tend to highlight your missteps instead of acknowledging your accomplishments. Dreams killers are everywhere and usually, they are “your people”.  They are people you know very well and maybe, people you even count on.

When we take the random internet thug who doesn’t know you from a mile out of the picture, typical dream killers are often friends, or old friends, co-workers, and even family members. You know the people who kill your vibes and will never encourage you to take on a new challenge? The people who will tell you they love and wish you well, but are never happy or never there to support you when you’re actually doing something you like, that may lead to the success they wished you? These are dream killers. Learn to recognize them and be prepared, because you will, at some point in your life encounter them. Fear not, but be prepared, because they’re literally going to try to kill your dream.

Camel -coat-boots-fashion

So what if you encounter any of these so-called dream killers? Just put your blinders on. Let them judge and say whatever they want, but don’t argue. Don’t try to convince them, because you will never succeed. Let it go in one ear and out the other. Your best revenge is to get to work, doing what your heart, dreams, and mind are set on! Let your actions speak louder than your words.

Inspiration -dream-killers

Now here’s the ticker: Dream killers don’t necessary mean bad or ill. They are not necessarily people that don’t love you. Remember, they can be friends or family members, your mom, dad, or siblings. They are people that just “kill your vibes” whether it is deliberate or not.

They are the naysayers. Maybe they really don’t believe you can do it. Maybe they’re worried about you or scared for you. Maybe they couldn’t do it themselves; Maybe they can’t see a brighter future for themselves so ultimately they’re projecting their insecurities and failures onto you. Maybe they’re jealous or envious. Or maybe they just want to see you take a different path. Whether they mean to or not, they are still dream killers and you shouldn’t let them distract you from your purpose. Dream killers could be a distraction.


“Starve your distractions and feed your focus!” Daniel Godeman

Distractions will come your way. They will come in many shapes and forms…  Be smart and alert. Learn to recognize them and most importantly, learn to starve them. Don’t let them entertain you. Stay focused and keep your eyes on the prize.

My blogging and entrepreneurship journey has been and still is full of distractions. Had I fed them or paid them any mind, I wouldn’t have made it this far. I still have a long way to go, and I’m not even near where I want to be, but I’m grateful for where I am.


I know my paths are and will probably always be paved of dream killers, and I will not allow them to kill my vibe. I had people asked me: “Are you still doing that blogging thing?” Some would say “Wow… So, you didn’t quit, huh!? … Me to answer – Yes, I am still doing it; and I’m actually doing great and even more than just that… This is not me bragging. I’m simply stating that I know what I want and I claim it; and no dream killers will tell me otherwise!


Have you ever wondered why strangers or people you barely know would support you more than your own folks? – I believe it’s quite simple. Sometimes, your own folks have a hard time accepting that you came from the same place as them; place where they’re still while they can clearly see you (by your mindset, thinking and actions) successfully growing out of and leaving behind.


“Do you know why strangers support you more than your own folks? Your own folks have a hard time accepting that you came from the same place they’re still stuck in!” 


You will hear and read that success is about hard work. Granted, it is! However, keep in mind that success has even more to do with  your mentality. Your mindset is the key. You got to have a strong mind if you want to succeed in anything in life. Whether it’s in your career, wheight loss, marriage… You’re going to have a strong mindset. What you allow to ruffle your feathers matters. The negative thoughts you allow to permeate your mind. The negative people you surround yourself with, who would discourage you and throw you off-course play a crucial role in your success story. Choose your “entourage” wisely and quickly eliminate any negative thoughts (and thing) that may endangered your success.


Believe in yourself and your ability to make things happen. Trust your gut and follow your heart. Listen to your intuition. Work hard toward your goals and walk in your lane. Surround yourself with positive people – People that will build you up. People that support you and genuinely want the best for you. People who will scold you behind closed doors and deaf ears when you’re “acting up”, but will defend you out in the open when you’re being judged or wronged… because there has to be a balance.


When you find these people, cherish them, because they are your tribe! What of the dream killers? Ignore them! Love them if you have to, but ignore them! Like who they are, not what they represent… Don’t let them take you off your path. Your career or success depends on it. Keep working hard and let your success speak for you. Maybe one day, just maybe… They will catch on and ask you how you did it… And as my better half says, “those who doubted you and said you cannot do it are still watching… Make sure to put on a good show!” 

Outfit-and-inspiration-post-dream-killers *Outfit post (and details) previously shared Here.