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One day at the time.

Happy Black History Month, This is one of these “I have to confess” moments; and I hope you can relate and hopefully sympathize. Just like any other normal and ambitious human being, I had high hopes…

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Valentine’s Day night out outfit. | Bad and Bougie

Happy February darlings! I know I have shared a few Valentine’s day posts in the row, and I hope you’re not over them:-) Valentine’s Day: This holiday is one that has a lot of controversies;…

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Valentines Day Decoration Ideas

Welcome to wonderful Wednesday friends.  It’s been a minute since I’ve shared anything decor on the blog; and Valentines Day being around the corner, I can start feeling “love in the air; so what better…

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Valentine’s Day outfit shopping.

Hello friends, Before we know it, Valentine’s day will be here; and I hope you will be celebrating with loved ones. However you spend or whoever you spend the dedicated “love day” with, you deserve…

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Always remember your “Why”!

As I stood in these cold streets trying to get these shots for Ethyl clothing, an up and coming brand I’m collaborating with, thousands and millions of thoughts rushed through my mind! There will be…

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