7 Creative & easy ways to transform your room from blah to Glam!!!

When it comes to decorating a room, the process can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. One thing I hear from most people is, I don’t know where to start. The thing is you don’t have to start… from scratch. Unless you need to revamp completely your room,  which I believe should be addressed by an expert if you have no clue on the matter whatsoever, no need to panic. The idea of making a room or a place beautiful should be a fun and enjoyable venture. I will take you through 7 ways, that I personally think are the easiest in order to transform a room into a welcoming and beautiful environment.

1- Decorative Pillows. This is one of  the quickest and easiest way to add a little bit of personal touch to a room. Once you come to determine the colors and shapes of pillows your couch or chairs need,  just throw in a couple of those and voila!

I love everything about this room!Marvelous-Yellow-Pillow-Living-Room-in-Most-Beautiful-Interior-Designs-with-Darkwood-Coffee-Table-and-Beige-Sofa-with-Some-Floral-Pillows-Cushions

Source: hkstandard

 2– Books.   Have you heard  the expression killing 2 birds with 1 stone? I’m sure you have! This is how I feel about this one. While you are enjoying  your books, you can create a fun spot for them in your living space.  Books are becoming a more and more interesting and creative way of letting a room speak about one self. Use a unique bookshelf to display them or style your coffee table with your favorite ones.


 Source: tazatek.com


Adorable coffee table decoration for a small space via sdvest.org

3- Mirrors! Mirrors! Mirrors!  This one is one of my favorite decorative accents. You can never go wrong with the idea of  “glamming up” a room with a bold statement mirror or mirrored furniture. Not only this gives the room an instant modern look, it also gives it the illusion of depth/more space which is a plus for small living spaces. There are so many ways you can incorporate mirrors in your decor! Be creative and have fun!

Love this!


Source: Lushhome.com

Gorgeous bedroom!


                                                                                    Image via: myhomestyle.org

4- Flowers or Plants.  You can never go wrong with adding greenery to your decor! Why do we send flowers to our loved ones in any given circumstances weather it’s joyous or sad? Because flowers are therapeutic. Adding fresh flowers to any room in your house is incontestably the prettiest and most refreshing thing you can offer yourself. I get in the habit of picking up fresh and pretty flowers every week for every room in the house and not only this adds to the decor, its therapeutic aspect is a plus!

Plants can also add a sophisticated look to a room if chosen well. One of the many things interior designers love to add to a room decor is a fig tree! They have this classic and simple look that brings the best out of any room style. See pictures below for some ideas of incorporating flowers and indoor plants to your space.

Simply glam! Image via Decorins

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree (6) Source: Iron & twine

                                                             Stunning architecture spotting a giant fig tree!

Giant-Potted-Fig-Tree-in-large-living-room-designImage via: mosslounge.com

5- Wall Gallery or Frames. Photo wall galleries or frames are timeless ways of adding to your decor. When done right, they can be a piece of art on their own and the perfect way of telling your story or a perfect memory for your relaxing times. They can seem hard to accomplish due to the fact that they require measurements and a bit of creativity, but at the end, it will be worth your effort.


Via Pinterest


image via onekindesign

6- Lighting. Lighting can easily be neglected as a decorating aspect. Most people think of it as a necessity, but a lamp can actually be seen as a decorative icon,  plus what a better way to transform a “busy” room into a romantic space. Below are a couple of ideas of lighting effects in stunning decors.

Beautiful interior design!

Image via: itsournet.org

Luxurious room with stunning lighting!luxurious-design-living-room-with-sharedSource: Unknown

7- Art matters!  Well, obviously, I’m biased! But you have to agree with me that a great artwork in a room can easily become a  fun conversation subject! I think there’s no better way to add a splash of color and personality in your living space !

What a fun room!


Image via: imactoy

open-large-siliding-glass-window-to-the-terrace-in-inspiring-living-room-ideas-design-with-wooden-floor-and-door-is-painted-in-grey-color-also-french-window-with-floral-artwork-and-rsource: unknown

There you have it! I hope you find this to be a useful article. What are your favorite ways to transform a room? Your comments are appreciated 🙂



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    Hi Edwige! It’s Kelley from the BLM group. My favorite ways to transform my space would have to be through the use of flowers, art, and books! I am a firm believer in beautiful spaces so I love this post:-)

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