Garlic Lime Shrimp Skewers


I love seafood; and a healthy diet for me is the one where I incorporate as much sea food as possible, since most of them tend to be on the healthier side.

As part of my journey toward a leaner and healthier me, I’m trying to eliminate red meat from my diet; and even though I’m also a meat-lover, I’m not finding it as hard as one would think. My master-griller of a hubby, sometimes, does make it a little unbearable for me… The smell alone when he grills Hummm… Ok, I’ll stop! πŸ™‚  – Anyway, like anything out of habit or out of our comfort zone that we do, it’s going to be a challenge. My suggestion will be to take it easy on yourself, take it one day at the time, think about the benefits of your diet, and keep your goals at the forefront of your mind. At least that’s what I try to do. I’m not too big of a diet person. I love food, so I can’t claim to be eating only salads or drinking green smoothies for the rest of my life for instance. I’m better at eating what I like (as long as it doesn’t take a toll on my health) in moderation. The key, in my opinion, is to educate yourself on certain foods (or food groups), know your body, take note or journal what works for you and/or what does not; and most importantly keep it moving! And remember, it’s not about perfection, it’s about progress!

Another important thing is your support system during your diets. Get your family involved (of course, in a reasonable way for them). In my household, for example, green smoothies are a lifestyle adopted by the entire family! We have two salad nights a week… and exercising is not optional! πŸ™‚

Now back to this yummy dish that, I’m sure, was what brought you here today! πŸ˜€  This Lime Garlic Shrimp is a simple yet delicious dish and It’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser at any occasion. Maybe a dish idea for the 4th of July weekend? Try it! πŸ˜‰


 – 1/2 cup of olive oil

 – 12  large garlic cloves, chopped

 – 4 tablespoon fresh lime juice

 – Salt to taste

 – Black ground  pepper to taste

 – 1/4 red pepper flakes (optional but recommended)

 – 2 pounds uncooked large shrimp, peeled

 – Lime wedges

 – Wood skewers


Whisk all the ingredients  (minus shrimp and lime wedges) in a large dish until well-blended. Mix in shrimps and turn to coat evenly. Refrigerate for 1 to 3 hours before grilling.

-Soak skewers at least 30 minutes in water to prevent burning.

– Preheat outdoor grill for medium-high heat. Lightly oil grill grate, and place about 4 inches from heat source.

– Drain and discard marinade from shrimp. Thread shrimp onto prepared skewers, 5 to 6 per skewer.; and Cook, uncovered, on preheated grill until shrimp turn pink, turning once, for 5 to 7 minutes. Serve with lime wedges for garnish; Sprinkle any herbal seasoning of your liking. Can be served with any dish or eat by itself.






  1. July 2, 2016 / 5:56 am

    Wow, this looks so delicious!

    • Edwige
      July 2, 2016 / 5:00 pm

      It is Maria πŸ™‚