Long Pink Vest + Lace-up Gladiators

Shorts-pink-vest-and -lace -up-gladiators!!! !!!

Happy Tuesday beauties!

What an emotional one last week was for us here in the US! Not the happiest news any of us would like to wake up to; and it’s very unfortunate that we can’t all come together as a united nation but I would like to think there’s still hope for humanity. Feelings are deeply hurt, hearts are broken to pieces, and families and communities are devastated over the loss of their loved ones. It’s totally sad and outrageous, but what can we do but keep praying for love to rise above hate. I needed to unwind and unplug from social media and the media in general for a little while… I needed to guard my peace, in a relax and fun atmosphere; I needed to pray, meditate… and hope; and this weekend, I made sure to do just that. I’m very aware that not all of us actually had the leisure to do that and so, for so many reasons, including the fact that families are grieving… But if you can, please do try to unwind and be grateful. It certainly doesn’t take all the sadness away, but it does help to see love and hope!

Back to fashion! 🙂  I love statement shoes; and these gladiators are the focal point of this whole outfit. Some days are beautiful and some others are rather gloomy.. and this was one of those gorgeously beautiful days. I shared food, laughters, and joy with family -and friends in this casual yet chic look; and for such an early-July weather, I had to ditch my pink vest to let in all the air I possibly can … and that will be part 2 of this post. Come back soon 🙂 

beautiful-pink-vest- and jeans -and -lace -up-gladiators-shoes 17beautiful-pink-vest- and jeans -and -lace -up-gladiators-shoes 10 !beautiful-pink-vest- and jeans -and -lace -up-gladiators-shoes 9Shorts-vest-and -lace -up-gladiators 154Shorts-vest-and -lace -up-gladiators 1beautiful-pink-vest- and jeans -and -lace -up-gladiators-shoesShorts-pink-vest-and -lace -up-gladiators 23Shorts-pink-vest-and -lace -up-gladiators 67beautiful-pink-vest- and jeans -and -lace -up-gladiators-shoes 67beautiful-pink-vest- and jeans -and -lace -up-gladiators-shoes 12Shorts-vest-and -laceup-gladiatorsbeautiful-pink-vest- and jeans -and -lace -up-gladiators-shoes 15beautiful-pink-vest- and jeans -and -lace -up-gladiators-shoes 8Shorts-pink-vest-and -lace -up-gladiators 267Shorts-pink-vest-and -lace -up-gladiators shoesShorts-pink-vest-and -lace -up-gladiators1 3Shorts-pink-vest-and -lace -up-gladiators65beautiful-pink-vest- and jeans -and -lace -up-gladiators-shoes18Shorts-vest-and -lace -up-gladiators 12Shorts-vest-and -lace -up-gladiators 2Shorts-pink-vest-and -lace -up-gladiators heels 1Shorts-pink-vest-and -lace -up-gladiators 53Shorts-pink-vest-and -lace -up-gladiators!!! !!!

As always, Thanks for reading, until next time, Love and Light! 

VEST: Macy’s // TANK: Old //  SHORTS: Gap// SHOES: Here// HAT : Similar// SHADES: Guess// PURSE: Similar//



  1. July 12, 2016 / 10:41 am

    This longline vest is so pretty, lady! Love it!

    Le Stylo Rouge

    • Edwige
      July 12, 2016 / 4:29 pm

      Thank you darling! XOXO