One Sleeve Blue Top + White Applique Skirt

blue sheer one sleeve to and white skirtHappy Friday loves!

So, this past weekend has been relatively rich in experience and overloaded with excitement for me. I’ve attended New York Fashion Week for the first time and, obviously, I’ve given you a glimpse of the shows I was invited to in my previous post. You can read all about it here… if you haven’t before. 😉 If you do follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you’ve probably seen more pics and videos there that were captured in honor of the event.

imageYes, It was a huge deal for me and I still am grateful and honored to have attended one of the greatest Fashion events in the world!Blue sheer one sleeve top +Applique white skirt17

I miss NYC already! The city that never sleeps, as they call it, sure knows how to awaken the goal digger in me. I came back exhausted, but evermore inspired, driven and ready to work even harder for the things I want.

Blue sheer one sleeve top +Applique white skirt4Don’t we all need a little dose of boost from time to time, a boost that gives us the extra push we need to tackle our projects and not sleeping on our dreams?! I know I do!

Blue sheer one sleeve top +Applique white skirt 2There’s nothing more powerful than a dream! And we all know that pursing your dream can be hard work; If there’s anything that can guide us on our journey and keep us motivated and on track to realize it, why not?! I say do them frequently and unapologetically.

Blue sheer one sleeve top +Applique white skirt 101And if you don’t know what your passion, your dream or your purpose is yet… relax! It’s out there. All you need to do is to discover it.

Blue sheer one sleeve top +Applique white skirt33

Don’t be afraid to go ahead and explore. I would say look around; allow yourself to dream about numerous things. Think about the things that inspire you, and what makes you happy!

Blue sheer one sleeve top +Applique white skirt6

Listen to your heart and follow the call of your soul and when you do discover your purpose or your dream, declare it and make it your own. Embrace it and work for it!

Blue sheer one sleeve top +Applique white skirt 15

Get out there and make connections. Listen and learn. Ask questions! Let the stories, success, and triumphs of fellow dreamers inspire you. Their stories may transform your idea and take your vision into a dream fully realized.

Blue sheer one sleeve top +Applique white skirt34You see, you can’t realize your dream without putting tremendous work in it! You have to work at it and work for it. The dream may be free, but the hustle is not! Work hard and pray harder; Do the things that will awake the passion in you. Conferences, seminars, books, mentors… there are so many dreams-booster out there to help you evolve into the person you want to become.

Blue sheer one sleeve top +Applique white skirt 102Get out of your comfort zone. Meet like-minded dreamers. Make connections, reach out, speak out, ask questions. Make things happen.

Blue sheer one sleeve top +Applique white skirt 124!!Your dreams are the most valuable things you will ever own. Invest in them now and build a brighter future for yourself and a legacy for your generation. Cherish and protect your dreams!

Blue sheer one sleeve top +Applique white skirt23In this world and age, you have the power to mold your future. Be Inspired and Inspire others along the way.

Blue sheer one sleeve top +Applique white skirtImagine something bigger within yourself, something that might change the world.

Blue sheer one sleeve top +Applique white skirt!!!Of course there are a lot of naysayers out there, but there are also those who have a shared interest in your dream and can help you stay on track… mentors, coaches, professional advisors and even experienced friends.

blue-sheer-one-sleeve-top-applique-white-skirt-5 Make yourself accountable to those; and those who doubt you? Simple: Prove them wrong. Let your success speak to them. They are watching, and guess what? you must just spark someone else to begin their own journey.

Blue sheer one sleeve top +Applique white skirt45So, are you ready to transform your vision into a dream fully realized? Make today the first day of your journey. Now is the time to get started. Now, because tomorrow may never come.

Blue sheer one sleeve top +Applique white skirt

Now, as simple as this blue one sleeve sheer top over this white applique look may be, it has gotten me lots of compliments the day I wore it! And you know why? it may have been the outfit, but it may also have been the confident I exhumed while trotting around. Yes, ladies, let your confidence be your best accessories!

TOP: OLD// SKIRT: WHBM// HEEL: ALDO// EARRINGS : GUESS// Clutch: Gifted // Location: Penthouse. Millennium Hotel

Love and light,






  1. September 18, 2016 / 4:12 am

    Looking nice. Blue color is perfect matched. One sleeve less — I like it. This design is new idea.

    • Edwige
      September 21, 2016 / 12:26 am

      Thank you!

  2. Jay
    February 6, 2017 / 5:33 pm

    So I said I would look at some of your past outfits- which I is very enjoyable for me as I love to visit your website and see what you do. 😉 I really love the colours of this outfit, you look very stunning. This outfit here is like a lesson to so many women today of how to be sexy without being over the top. U look incredibly beautiful in all these pictures. I like how the top is very covering yet teases and shows off your gorgeous shape and your lovely skin and arm and shoulder. The pictures of u on the bed look so inviting with your warm smile and u look very playful yet still so stylish and elegant. As ever I love your curly hair and your lips look beautiful. That last picture is incredibly powerful- Those heels and your beautiful sexy legs- Your pose makes you look like a queen. The queen of Togo!! lol sorry I think I got a bit carried away and poetic!! I was thinking, as you are from Togo do you have any traditional outfits you could show or even ones with a modern twist? That’s something id like to see in the future. Enjoy your week and be careful in the snow! x x x x x x 😉 😉 x x o x x

    • Edwige
      February 7, 2017 / 9:59 pm

      Well, Thank you Jay! I have to say, you read my mind a lot, lol. I’ve shared a few looks with tradition outfits with modern twist, but yes, another one is scheduled to come to the blog this week! Great timing right? 🙂 Thanks again for the lovely comments 🙂 XOXO