10 Secrets Of Being A Lady

10-secret-of-being-a-lady-reviewRaising young girls, and making it my duty to instill in them good manners, is a continuous learning curve not only for them, but also for myself. The 10 Secrets Of Being A Lady by Sheba Matheu, the new addition to the children book collection in my household, is an integration of timeless, classic etiquette advice for young girls. The story in this beautifully illustrated book is thoughtful, engaging, and fun to read! The author, who wrote this book to her own daughter, created the character of a modern mom who is having an important discussion with her daughter about how to conduct herself as a lady at all times and all circumstances. In this book, The 10 Secrets Of Being A Lady, Ava, the little character, is being taught how to radiate confidence, speak deliberately, all the while maintaining a lady-like appearance and presentation.

10-secret-of-being-a-lady-reviewFrom the packaging, the outer look, the little enclosed gifts, the handwritten note, the story, the message, and the illustrations, this book is a total gem that has generated a great deal of lovely conversation between my daughters and myself. 🙂 And even though this book was geared towards little girls, the information is most definitely valuable for boys as well… Even mommies themselves shall follow it too. I think this is sure to quickly become a favorite!

10-secrets-of-being-a-lady-review-hypnozglamOur kids are growing so fast before our eyes, and books such as this one are really great in helping to reinforce the values we instill in them. A power tool to empower then to build a high self-confidence and self-love, to present themselves in proper manners, and still be who they are as a person. I really love the values that the author is teaching not only how to behave properly in society, but also how to treat people, be mindful, respectful and kind to others. Every little girls or young lady loves secret; and with this book, my kids and the generations to come will enjoy having to hear secrets which actually teach them how to be or become strong, independent, confident and responsible women. – Even though I believe this book will be ideal for kids 8 year-old and up, I think younger kids would also love flippling though the pages. The illustration is very beautifully done. It’s cute and engaging, and my 3-year-old loved it!


The author Sheba Matheu, just like the mother that I am and many others and mentors out there, has a mission to speak confidence, self-value and a great self-presentation into little kids… and even grown-ups; and I fully support her! The 10 Secrets Of Being A Lady has won both Mom’s Choice Award and a Moonbeam Children Award. Check it out… With every book purchased a 25% donation will be made to Girls, Inc.

10-secrets-of-being-a-lady-review-hypnozglamimg_6666As always thank you for reading! I also thank you for supporting the brands that support Hypnoz Glam. 



  1. December 3, 2016 / 9:58 am

    Awww – this looks really cute! I love it!

    • Edwige
      December 3, 2016 / 10:40 am

      Thank you gorgeous! XOXO