Would you, beautiful people agree that it has been a minute since our last giveaway here on the blog? Well, today might be your lucky day! I’ve teamed up with the watches genies at JORD to give one of my awesome and faithful readers a $100 gift card to use towards any watch on their website. How awesome is that! Christmas in July, right? But that’s not it! Everyone else who entered this giveaway but did not win will receive a consolation price: a $25 OFF gift code! In my book, that’s still pretty awesome once you see what they have to offer. Take a look at this! … And the packaging? Gorgeous! 

Jord-wood-watch-giveawayI’ll tell you right now that you will have a hard time selecting the watch you want from their site. I’m speaking from experience! JORD makes incredible watches out of various species of wood and create timeless pieces meant for a modern lifestyle, yet using the highest quality crystal, wood, and movements.


To be honest with you, even though I’ve seen and read the raved reviews of the watches by a few other fellow bloggers, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I mean, they’re made out of wood… that’s a first for me! There were a few watches that were unisex, and look cute; not too manly nor too feminine, and I thought I would go that route. I chose Conway Series Kosso and Midnight Blue.The ultimate goal was to be able to give the watch to hubby in case I was not going to keep it for myself. Plus it was around Father’s day; and I know he wouldn’t mind an extra gift. Well, guess what? He loves it! He has a soft spot for luxury watches and prides himself on his collection, but thought this one was an absolute trophy piece! He named it “Uniqueness”! Don’t ask… 🙂

And it was a no brainer that we had to inverse roles here: I needed to be behind the camera and capture him being the hot model of the day. Lol Check him out! 🙂 




As I mentioned above, many of JORD watches are unisex. Yes, they are! And Conway Series Kosso Midnight Blues (which I chose) was one of them. The design is very versatile and the color combination goes well with everything. Now, Hubby and I can both wear this watch. If he agrees to share, that is! 🙂 This one was custom-made for him, so slightly bigger, but because sometimes, I love wearing my watches loose-fit, I had no problem sporting it on a casual chic outfit. It truly is a timeless piece! Needless to say I’m confident they will make the perfect gifts! 😉 


Guess what? You can be our lucky winner in today’s giveaway and own one of these amazing watches right now. All you need to do is enter right HERE, and if you are picked as the winner, JORD will send you an email with a $100 OFF code to redeem on any watches on their site. Not feeling too lucky today? You can still enter. Forget luck. What do you have to lose, since anyone who enters will receive a $25 OFF gift code as a Thank You for participating!

However, if for any reason, you cannot wait until the end of this giveaway and just want to get yours right now (trust me, I’ve been there and I totally understand), check out the women’s shop here and men’s here

Let’s take one last look at how the midnight blue contrasts beautifully and breathtakingly with the wood! Don’t delay! Enter HERE to win yours!  This contest ends: 07/23/2017 11:59pm – Good luck!


*This post was sponsored by Jord Wood Watches. All opinions are 100% mine.* 




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