Far-Flung Destinations for Your Next Girls Trip After CoronaVirus Quarantine is Over

Once this unpredictable and disquieting time we are all facing is over, wouldn’t it be rewarding and mind quieting to plan a fun girls getaway trip?

You could do Miami, Mexico, or Paris, classic places for a girl’s trip, or you could change it up and try something new! There are so many new places in the world to explore, and it’s always better to do it in groups. Your next girls trip is a great opportunity to check out somewhere new and create memories with your friends.

Here are a few far-flung destinations for your next girls trip: 


Gothenburg, Sweden

Gothenburg, Sweden is perhaps an unexpected, but incredible destination for a girl’s weekend. It is a port city on the Swedish seaside where you can visit beautiful parks, go island hopping, spend some time at a classic Swedish spa, take a tour of the canals, eat local seafood, and explore a city that is big enough but not ‘too big’. 

Saudi Arabia 

Saudi Arabia has recently opened up to tourism with its introduction of the tourist visa, and thousands of people have already taken the opportunity to explore and experience the beauty of Saudi Arabia. The country has become a modern place for travelers, with its incredible old and new architecture, such as the Jeddah Tower also known as Kingdom Tower with a height of almost ¾ of a mile, as well as historic religious sites.  


Located on the eastern edge of the Caribbean, Barbados is an island that is full of culture, natural beauty and pure holiday relaxation. 2020 is the year to visit especially if you have Bajan roots as there is a 52-week festival that will host parades, traditional food, music and activities. If you are visiting during this year, you will have the experience of the already incredible holiday here with plenty to do and see outdoors as well as the special cultural events. 

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is a destination with incredible architecture, history, and charming streets that you can explore. If you and your girls are interested in art, seeing the contemporary art at Arter is a must. You can have as luxurious of an experience as you’d like in Istanbul, but you can also make it a trip focused on cultural sites and favorites such as Topkapi Palace. 

Paros, Greece

Paros is a Greek island that has not yet been overcome by tourism and still holds that characteristic touch you want when island hopping with your girls. However, this is a spot where you can build an entire holiday around. You’ll find the classic white buildings with blue roofs here, picturesque alleys, sea views, and friendly locals. 

Tbilisi, Georgia 

Tbilisi is a destination that has recently come into newfound energy, with Georgian design, architects, and chefs recreating what it means to visit the city. You can make your way through Tbilisi going from wine bar to restaurant to luxurious hotel to photography museum and more. This is a unique place where you will create memories that will surely last a lifetime with your friends, and no other holiday will compare. 


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  1. March 31, 2020 / 11:38 am

    I am definitely excited about traveling once this quarantine is over- your pictures are giving me so much inspo!

    Le Stylo Rouge