4 Exciting Jobs That Allow You To See The World

Many jobs these days require a strict 9-5 schedule while working in an office. But there are some jobs that allow you to see the world, as they involve and require travelling. So if you are someone that is dreaming of seeing the world, but you don’t know how to finance this passion, one of these jobs might be a good option. 

Here are 4 jobs that you can do that would allow you to see the world:

1. Crew Ship Worker 

Being a crew ship worker entails different duties depending on the cruise line you work on as well as in what type of role. Some of the job opportunities available are for: servers in restaurants, performers, technicians, cashiers, customer assistants and more. 

A requirement to be a crew ship worker is to request visas for the necessary countries ahead of time. For example, if you are to be a crew ship worker for a cruise around Australia you will need to apply for an MCV visa, via specific platforms such as AUVISA

To make yourself stand out as an applicant, it is helpful to know more than one language and to be CPR certified. 

2. Flight attendant 


Working as a flight attendant is one of the most sought-after careers that enable you to travel. It’s a great way you can earn a good income and benefits, while also traveling to some incredible destinations. 

Requirements vary depending on the airline, but the ability to be on your feet and reach the overhead bins is standard. Knowing a second (or more) language is also helpful in this line of work. Most flight attendants start out by working on national routes before moving to the international ones. 

3. Au Pair

Being an au pair is a popular job that enables you to travel. If you are responsible, good with kids, comfortable living with a host family, and willing to put in the time and energy this is a great job! Free room and board is most often included and sometimes an additional salary on top of that is as well. If you have a destination in mind, you can search for opportunities in that country and talk with an agency that can help you find the right fit. 

4. Tour Guide 

If you have a love for history, culture and being around people, a tour guide is a fun job that will get you out and exploring. This is a role where your passion for travelling and experience the world can make a significant and positive impact on those in your tour group. Many remember a place and its specific facts because of a tour guide! A requirement for this job is to be comfortable working during high and low seasons, as well as the local knowledge in order to give informational tours. If you want to work as a museum tour guide, for example, you will probably need to go through a specific training and demonstrate sufficient mastery of the material. If you are an outdoor tour guide, CPR certification will most likely be required. 

Would you be interested in doing one of these jobs? Would you like to read more about jobs or careers that allow you to travel the world or have a flexible schedule or life? Let me know in the comment session.

As always, thanks for reading and happy new month!