5 Valentine’s Day home celebration ideas

5 Valentine’s Day home celebration ideas

Valentine’s Day is this weekend and I know that due to the world pandemic, most people would have to celebrate at home. Sure, It’s has become our new normal, but it doesn’t have to be boring.
Here are 5 things you can do at home with your partner or girlfriends if you have to celebrate at home for any reason:

1 – Candlelight Dinner: Order some food in or look up some new recipes on Pinterest and cook together then have a nice candlelight dinner date with your partner/friends. To make it even more special, clean yourselves up nicely, and pretend you’re in a five-star restaurant and enjoy your delicious meal.

2- Movie night with some late night snacks: Netflix and chill may not be your typical romantic Vday date, but trust me, sometimes Valentine’s Day or not, all you need is a calm and cozy night in the comfort of your PJs. Prepare some of your favorite late night snacks (we love these treats from Liana’s Cake Pops) and watch one or two romantic movies or TV shows in your cute Valentines Day-inspired loungewear.

3- Dance the night away: Transform your home into a disco bar or a night club and dance on some of your favorite playlist, and reminisce on old times. Go all in by picking a fun and sexy outfit as if you were going out to dance. You should probably put the kids to bed before, because we all can imagine how this will end especially after some sensual slow dance. 🙂

4 – Toast to love: If you can’t go to a wine tasting event, bring your own wine tasting home. Pick up a couple of new wines and experience them around a charcuterie board. Cheers!

5- Game night: Game nights are always fun. You put your mind to work and you laugh it up around some snacks and bubbly. A couple of our favorite adult games are “Dirty Mind, the games of naughty clues.” and “The ultimate game for couples.” If you’re having some couple friends over, you can play the ” How well do you know your partner.” It’s all fun and game… Unwind.

Which one of these would you try this weekend?


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  1. Jay
    July 30, 2021 / 9:44 am

    Such a nice picture of you!! Yes please!! 😉 Be nice and gentle and I dont mind at all if things get a little messy. lol 😉 x x x