5 holiday activities ideas you can do with family and friends


Creative-holidays-ideas-hypnozglamThe holiday season is upon us; and there’s no better time of the year to spend fun and quality time with loved ones. Even though a lot of things have changed, and big group activities may not be recommended or allowed, there’s still creative ways to enjoy the holidays with your family and friends. Below are some pretty creative ideas that you can implement into your holiday activities this year.
5 holiday activities ideas you can do with family and friends:
1- Get yourself comfortable in some matching PJ’s or loungewear, and go through old photos or videos of you and your family, around a charcuterie board. Going down memory lane, especially in these times, makes us realize how blessed we are to still be here, and how grateful we should be to have one another.christmas-2021-hypnozglam.2- Movie and Popcorn is always a great idea, and never goes out of style. It’s one of family traditions to binge watch Christmas or holidays movies (new and old) during the holidays season; and it never gets old!
If you haven’t watched “KING RICHARD” yet, it’s currently in theater and it’s a very inspiring life story of the Williams sisters and their family. It’s a good movie to watch as a family. My family and I enjoyed it.

3- Just like movie nights, you can never go wrong with game nights. Gather around some nice appetizers and play some of your favorite board games such as  Monopoly or Scrabble. – “Ride the Bus” a fun game which is a unique spin on the game 31 based on riding a school bus is quickly becoming a favorite in our family đŸ™‚

Some other fun games to consider are “Tom and Jerry River Recycle” Or Zoo Trivia: Animal names spelling. our family new favorite game.
Make it extra fun and let the winner either make the rules for the next game or come up with something creative and enticing… 😉

4 – Make someone smile by sending them a warm greetings card, a gift basket or handwritten note. It could be someone you know that is struggling with something, or a total stranger in a nursing home, for example. This time of the year is, unfortunately, tougher for a lot of people; especially those who find themselves alone and far away from family.

5 – Last but not least: Drive through neighborhoods that have some beautiful holiday lights, and just bask in the glow and spirit of it. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, Christmas lights and decorations are just magical and so much fun to watch! đŸ™‚

Let me know if you will do any of these holidays ideas. More importantly, do share with me and your fellow reader how you like it; and if you would recommend it to friends and family. 😉

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