Holiday in Sequins

Hello Ladies!

The holidays are here and what better way to celebrate this wonderful time of the year than with sequins! December and January are so packed with fundraisers and holiday parties that it is the perfect time to invest in some fabulous dresses and, if you ask me, you cannot go wrong with sequins! If you’re not afraid to wear sequin head to toe, below are some great ideas and I’m sure everyone will find one that fits their style! Stay fabulous! 😉



Salut à vous, mes charmantes dames!

Les fêtes de fin d’année sont à nos portes et il n’y a rien de mieux que de les célébrer en sequin ! Je sais, c’est super chatoyant, mais n’ayez pas peur de vous affirmer ! Et si vous êtes prêtes à les arborer, en voici quelques modèles pour vos événements en beauté pour ces périodes de fin d’années! Soyez fabuleuses ! 😉


I wore this beautiful sequin dress back in September to a formal wedding and it was a win! – I hope you have a fabulous week and month! XO

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imageWhen gratitude is a way of life, Thanksgiving is just another day to be grateful, rather than the day to be grateful…  Even if I believe “Thanks” should be given daily and that a grateful heart is the one that does not need a reminder on a certain time of the year to count its blessings, I do believe that Thanksgiving is the perfect occasion to take time from our year-long hectic life to just recharge, reflect and rejoice with family and friends!

Each and every year, we have something different or new to be thankful for; I’m grateful for so many things including you guys, and I simply want to take time and say Thank You for being part of my life! This platform wouldn’t exist without you! I hope you all have a happy holiday celebration with your loved ones! Now, let us all have a special thought to the less fortunate in all possible ways!

From my family to yours… Happy Thanksgiving! 


Glam Holiday gift guide for Her!

Hello loves!

Thanksgiving is around the corner and December is almost here! The season of giving and receiving, and cuddling around our loved ones! If you haven’t shopped yet, I have put together a glam gift guide for the ladies in your life! Check back soon for more ideas as we’re getting closer and closer to the holiday season!



Salut les amis!

Nous sommes maintenant à deux pas de “Thanksgiving” et … bientôt la Noel, la saison des échanges de cadeaux!!! Alors si vous n’avez pas encore fait vos courses pour vos bien aimés, voici quelques idées qui etailleraient votre liste de cadeaux pour les belles dames dans votre vie! Revenez visiter votre blog préféré 🙂  pour plus d’idée encore, pour les périodes de fin d’année! 

Glam Holiday Gift Guide for her!

For more  gorgeous and affordable gift ideas, be sure to visit luxuryengravedgifts !!!


Thank you for stopping by and have a fabulous week! XO.

The Basic – Sweater and Boots

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Hello darlings,

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