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Happy Friday darlings!

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Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Happy Halloween !

I can’t believe a year has passed since I was blessed with this beautiful and healthy little angel! This last Wednesday, with warm feelings joyful laughter, and smiles, we gathered around the youngest one in the family and enjoyed every moment as she was smashing her birthday cake in her face and giggling in joy! As I watched her clapping to the happy birthday song, I couldn’t help but shed some tears and count my blessings! I pray that the Most-High always protects and blesses her immensely! I pray that this inner beauty that she reflects and this loving and caring attitude that she innocently displays only continue to grow with time! As we all know, a first birthday party is really for the parents and the guests! It can even be overwhelming for the child, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate! We had a very minimal celebration with her sisters and my brother-in-law who was visiting! We will have her one year old photo session this weekend.

I didn’t think she can get any cuter, but when I saw her enjoying her cake, I realized that I was wrong…! 😀 She just might be the cutest thing in the entire world! 😉 – Follow me on Instagram or Facebook for behind the scene pics 🙂 –



Isn’t she the cutest?! 🙂 So in honor to my baby’s 1st birthday, I want to share a few gift ideas that I think a one year old will enjoy!


1- Pull Toys: if your baby isn’t a confident walker yet, give her  the motivation to keep working on those gross motor skills with a pull toy. Expert Dakin  says: “Pull Toys allows kids to practice their balance while having fun”


Pull -along cowboy ($40)  available at


2-Toy Phone or Remote:  If Your little one is anything like mine he’s probably already imitating you on the cell and playing “phone” with the remote and your iPod!

Why the experts love it: “A toy phone is great for imitation and language,” says Dakin.




3- Ball :  Now that your babe is standing, he’ll work his motor skills by bouncing, throwing, and dropping (and dropping and dropping) a soft, textured ball.

 “Think of all the things you can do with a ball,” says Hirsh-Pasek. “You can roll it, bounce it, catch it, throw it, and kids direct the play.”






 Ball available at Toy R Us.


3- Gingham Nursery Robe: The perfect finish to bath time, this snuggly robe is sewn of absorbent cotton terry and features two ears on the hood to add a fun element kids will love. The Bonus?  You can personalize it !


4- Musical Instrument: You know he will love this if it loves to make noise! And which 1-year old wouldn’t love to make noise!

“If parents can stand it, instruments are fabulous for learning causality,” says Hirsh-Pasek. “You can even use things around the house — pots and pans and empty bottles work.”

 Musical Instrument from Target.

5- Sit to Stand Learning Walker : The Product detail says : “From baby steps to big steps the Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker™ by VTech® helps your baby develop from a crawler to a walker through adaptive technology. With a barnyard of playful friends to cheer them on, your little one will have endless fun as they learn to walk.”



Get the Sit to Stand and Learning Walker Here 

5-Shape Sorter: Sorting shapes is trial and error at its most basic.”Children work on hand-eye coordination and learn how objects with similar properties go together,” says Joyce Nuner, PHD, assistant professor of child development and family studies at Baylor University in Waco, Texas


Shape Sorter from 

6- Bath Toys: At this point, your baby probably doesn’t need convincing to linger in the bath. After all the washing’s been done, turn bathtime into playtime.

 “Kids love a bath toy that’s more than a rubber duckie,” says Kirsh-Pasek. “Look for something that requires them to be active rather than passive, and that can be used in different ways to create something new.”



Courtesy of Boon

7- College funds Contribution: He will loe this one day!  “Starting early means that even modest monthly contributions will go a long way toward paying future college bills,” says Joseph Hurley, founder of and author of The Best Way to Save for College: A Complete Guide to 529 PLANS.



8- Blocks: The ultimate creative toy, blocks offer infinite opportunities for freeform play, and hone motor skill “They’re initially used for banging together, then dropping into a container,” says Dakin. “Stacking blocks starts later so this toy grows with your child.”


 Block from Momma Store.

 There are many developmental and fun toys that Kids will love and parents will appreciate, and these are just a few of them! As a parent, you want to make sure that the toy your kid is playing with is not recalled or dangerous. Take an extra time to do some researches if possible and always keep an eye on your child.

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!




Fall In Boots


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Freshen up your bathroom

Hello darlings,

I wish you a very happy Friday! Do you know that one of the places many people neglect when they are thinking decor in the house is the bathroom? Either it’s the master bathroom or the guest washroom, I think that area of the house also needs to be shown some love! After all, it’s the one place in the house where  you will likely find yourself alone, in a certain state of mind! Most of my inspirations and deep thinking take place when I’m in the bathroom showering myself with Mother Nature’s most precious gift – water – or doing you know what… ! I treat every moment I spend alone in there as a little getaway spa time! Even if you’re not much of a decor enthusiast, the idea behind this is to try to make that little corner of the house as welcoming and relaxing as possible. Here are a few ideas and inspirations for a well-styled washroom!


Coucou les amis! Juste quelques idées de jolies et présentables salles de bain! Quand il en vient à ce petit coin de la maison, beaucoup ont tendance à ne pas y donner grande importance côté décor; alors que c’est l’endroit par excellence où nous nous retrouvons souvent seuls! Que ce soit pour prendre ma petite douche française ou aller “au petit coin”, pour moi, c’est l’un des endroits où je me retrouve dans de profondes réflexions et même où beaucoup d’inspirations me viennent! Alors, je pense qu’il faut quand même y mettre de petites touches, que ce soit dans la salle de bain principale ou celle des visiteurs! Ça en vaut le coup!

I just love this bathroom by Kyle Knight Design! Isn’t it amazing how a simple tray can help pull a space together? And these flowers are the perfect addition for this little set up!tray in bathroomI can’t tell you how I’ve been crushing on Wall Paper designs lately! I love all the little details in this powder room! Via Justin Berhraudt.

Justin Bernhaut 13.png- wall paper bathroom

So in love with this Cheetah Wall Paper bathroom, by Jennifer Wagner Shmidt! That lips frame is everything!00092 Jennifer Wagner Schmidt - The Everygirl

Double mirrors! Simple and neat! Who wouldn’t love this?double mirror bath

Loving this storage idea in this vintage bathroom!Bathroom   Flickr - Photo Sharing!.htm !!!!

Another great storage idea for a small bathroom – I love the bright color and the flowers in the corner. Via Shelterness.comstorage-ideas-in-small-bathroom-20
Which one is your favorite! Enjoy your weekend!