Summer Entertaining Styling Tips

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One thing I really love to do in Spring or Summer is entertaining family and friends. Either you’re having an outdoor or indoor gathering, it’s always a good idea to welcome your guests in style; and there are numerous and time-effective ways to decorate for the occasion without turning your house into an event center or giving yourself too much headache. 

         1- Have a bar cart and make it look pretty!  You can also use your kitchen counter if you don’t have a bar cart. You will need your party essentials : Beverages, Glasses, Kitchen gadgets like bottle openers, napkins, coasters, etc… Add a few decorative paper straws if you have them. Put some fresh lemons in a cute bowl and place it on the cart; this can add an instant color pop to your little set up! You can organize these items on a tray or put them directly on the cart if you’re using one. Last yet not least, add a touch of personality by using a pretty vase with some fresh flowers, for example or  anything decorative accent that you could think of, place  it on the cart… and voila!

Images via Apartment therapy & 2015 Decor.

2-  Presentation is always key! Use pretty and stylish servewares for your food and try to incorporate foods that will add color and interest to your setting. Pretty, fun and… edible πŸ™‚ in a few words be creative and have fun!

Finger Food

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3D Wall Panels | La vie en rose.

3D-CSI-Wall-panels Happy Monday, friends!

Can you tell that these flowers aren’t real? If you can’t, it’s because they are the realest silk flowers ever; and they are being provided by the folks at CSI Wall Panels. When I was approached to share a review about these silk flowers, I was a little reluctant. I honestly don’t have anything against silk flowers, but I just prefer real, scent-filled, fresh ones. Nothing can beat that, right? But Admittedly there are amazing silk flowers out there, that will win your heart in a beat; and I have to say that the good folks at . have some beautiful selections. Check them out! 


*This bouquet was provided for my honest review and all opinions are mine. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Hypnoz Glam.

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Shop Uncommon Goods

Just when you think, the holiday season is long gone and there’s no more shopping to be done, reality hits hard and you realize that Valentines Day is just around the corner, and there’s shopping to be done again… every day. 

As much as I love browsing and shopping at different places, when it comes to gift ideas, sometimes, I find it convenient to shop for gifts all in one place, a place that offers a great variety of items and options for everyone on my list. Uncommon Goods has been my go-to website lately; and I’m glad I discovered them! All the special people in your life are guaranteed to be pleased. From home decor accessories, to kitchen “gadgets”, fashion jewelries, sports good and personalized items, there’s something for everyone, trust me! 

The company has recently introduced their super smart gift guide expert Sunny, which will help you narrow down your preferences for the type of gifts you’re looking for. Not sure how exactly Sunny will help you? Give him a try and see for yourself.

In today’s world, we’re growing more and more conscious of the charitable aspect of big businesses. “Why should we buy from them?”, we ask ourselves. “beside taking my money, what to they do to help me or how do they align with my interests?” I hear you, those are all legitimate questions! With Uncommon Goods, you actually get to chose which charity gets to benefit from your purchase with them! They know giving back is important; and they want to share this passion with their customers… with YOU! In that light, they created the Better To Give Program in 2001. The program allows you to select a non-profit organization to receive a $1 donation from them at checkout. UncommonGoods has actually donated over $1,000,000 since the program was created. I thought I would share this “tid bit” with you to ease  your mind on the subject… πŸ˜‰ 

So here’s to your next gift ideas all in a one-stop-shop for her, for him, and even personalized gift ideas to tell that special person how much they mean to you.


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Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Love!

There’s just something about fig trees that speaks to me. Not only do I find them to be pretty and love the subtle greenery they give to the room, but I also think they give a soothing and peaceful vibe to any room. I don’t have any in my house right now, because sadly, my husband doesn’t believe in the whole plants in the house thing. Don’t ask me why; that’s a story for another day. LOL. I can’t say that I throw in the towel on that one, because I know one day I will convince him again to bring at least one in.  We shall see, and whenever or whatever area it finds its way into the house, I will make sure to share the news with you. For now, see how pretty they look in these living spaces. Do you care for plants in your house or office? What do you think about “figgies”? Do share your thoughts with me. Off I go πŸ™‚












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5 Simple Ways To Freshen Up Your Home For Spring!

Spring may not be here yet, but we can definitely feel glimpses of it. When birds’ chirping start getting quite insistent and the fresh odor of blossom flowers are starting to hit our nostrils, then we realize mother nature is reminding our brains the need to refresh, reboot, and re-energize. And while we’re often ready for a fresh start, it’s usually not that easy to take actions and freshen up our surroundings, our mind and even our body. Well, these 5 simple tips should get you on the way to a fresh new home and self, if you don’t know where to start. 


1 –  Clean, Pare Down, And De-clutter.

A clean house is a peaceful mind. Whether you like cleaning or not, you must take proper measures to ensure your house is clean if you want your home feeling refreshed, peaceful, and welcoming. In fact, you may need some deep-cleaning to welcome the warmer months if you don’t have the habit to clean periodically. If you have an aversion to household chores, you may want to hire someone to do the job for you. While cleaning your house is a vital priority for a refreshed mind and home, de-clutering your overflowing closets and any cluttered surfaces will take your clean-slate to the next level. Give any of these cluttered spaces a quick assessment and sell, donate, or give away anything you’re not using or will likely not be using.


2- Air It Out .

After a long winter season with a stagnant, harshly dry air, there’s no better way to inviting Spring into your home by kicking the dust and dirt out and bringing in a breeze of fresh air! Open all the windows or turn on the fans if you have them to aid circulation aeration; then turn the heat off, and go for an hour run or errands. Trust me, you will come back to a refreshed and re-energized house.

3- Change Winter Decor And Linens To Spring Ones

If you love swapping decors in between seasons, you’re probably using sheepskin, fur, heavy wool and acrylic blankets, pillow covers, trows etc, in the cold weather. Well, now it’s the perfect occasion to swap winter flannel and duvet and all other heavy wool back to less heavy options. 

4- Bring Some Flowers And Trees In!

Flowers and trees can instantly transform your decor and give a breeze of fresh air and cheerful atmosphere to any home. We don’t really care if there’s snow on the ground… Bring Spring into your home with beautiful and sweet lilacs or hyacinths, blossom cherries, cheerful daffodil, fig-tree, magnolia, or muscari… Endless options you have here, depending on your preferences and what you can tolerate, health wise.

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5- Transition Your Wardrobe

We can’t talk Spring without touching on Spring Fashion, can’t we? Well, nothing says “Hello Spring” better than brightly hues clothes and accessories and colorful prints and patterns! And since Spring weather is very unpredictable, meaning the weather can change drastically from one day to another (Hello allergies), while storing away, the heaviest and bulkiest coats, sweaters, wools and boots etc… You should keep in mind that the weather can swing from Still-Winter to almost-Summer temps. That been said, layering should be your best bet. Now, it’s time to make room for your trench coats, blazers, cardigans, lightweight sweaters, scarves and leather jackets. 

Floral Spring Dress from L’effet Glamour


Bonus: Detox your body.


One more thing I personally like to do, to welcome Spring is cleanse my body. Detox juice is a great way to refresh and reboost your mind, body, and energy! You can make your own or get store-made ones if you prefer. I will share some of my favorite detox Juice with you soon… πŸ˜‰ 


ways-to freshenup-your-home-for-Spring

Now tell me, do you usually do any of these to freshen up your home for Spring? How do you get ready for Spring in your home? Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!