Happy Valentine’s Day.


Hello there friends and Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s been a minute since I last posted here; and this is my first blog post of 2022. So I  guess beside wishing you all Happy Love day, a Happy New Year wish is in order as well. I hope this day and 2022 bring you love, peace and prosperity.

A lot has happened in the last couple of months, but one thing that has remained quite constant during this brief period, while my time on the internet has been limited, is taking care of myself and getting the rest that I so desperately needed. Self care is self-love and you cannot pour from an empty cup. Speaking of which, my husband and I made sure that this past weekend, we spend some much needed relaxing time at the W Minneapolis – The Foshay as a pre-Valentine’s Day Staycation. The time spent there was lovely, and I made sure to snap a few photos and videos. I’m sharing some of them with you here, but if you are not following me on Instagram, you are missing out. Dare I say so myself, because I have been posting consistently there; and I have shared a few images and videos of our stay at the W Minneapolis the Foshay Hotel. Check it out and while you’re there make sure to say hello 🙂







5 holiday activities ideas you can do with family and friends


Creative-holidays-ideas-hypnozglamThe holiday season is upon us; and there’s no better time of the year to spend fun and quality time with loved ones. Even though a lot of things have changed, and big group activities may not be recommended or allowed, there’s still creative ways to enjoy the holidays with your family and friends. Below are some pretty creative ideas that you can implement into your holiday activities this year.
5 holiday activities ideas you can do with family and friends:
1- Get yourself comfortable in some matching PJ’s or loungewear, and go through old photos or videos of you and your family, around a charcuterie board. Going down memory lane, especially in these times, makes us realize how blessed we are to still be here, and how grateful we should be to have one another.christmas-2021-hypnozglam.2- Movie and Popcorn is always a great idea, and never goes out of style. It’s one of family traditions to binge watch Christmas or holidays movies (new and old) during the holidays season; and it never gets old!
If you haven’t watched “KING RICHARD” yet, it’s currently in theater and it’s a very inspiring life story of the Williams sisters and their family. It’s a good movie to watch as a family. My family and I enjoyed it.

3- Just like movie nights, you can never go wrong with game nights. Gather around some nice appetizers and play some of your favorite board games such as  Monopoly or Scrabble. – “Ride the Bus” a fun game which is a unique spin on the game 31 based on riding a school bus is quickly becoming a favorite in our family 🙂

Some other fun games to consider are “Tom and Jerry River Recycle” Or Zoo Trivia: Animal names spelling. our family new favorite game.
Make it extra fun and let the winner either make the rules for the next game or come up with something creative and enticing… 😉

4 – Make someone smile by sending them a warm greetings card, a gift basket or handwritten note. It could be someone you know that is struggling with something, or a total stranger in a nursing home, for example. This time of the year is, unfortunately, tougher for a lot of people; especially those who find themselves alone and far away from family.

5 – Last but not least: Drive through neighborhoods that have some beautiful holiday lights, and just bask in the glow and spirit of it. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, Christmas lights and decorations are just magical and so much fun to watch! 🙂

Let me know if you will do any of these holidays ideas. More importantly, do share with me and your fellow reader how you like it; and if you would recommend it to friends and family. 😉

Happy Holidays,





Fall Tablescape ideas


Christmas may be around the corner, but some of us are still enjoying Fall and fall colors, while it lasts…:-)

If you’re looking for a quick and easy Fall tablescape idea to elevate your dining experience at home, look no further; this simple yet elegant Fall table setting will help you create a nice and affordable table décor for you, and your guests especially if you are hosting a thanksgiving dinner this year.

You can also shop some of the items in this post by clicking on the links/pictures below.

Have a wonderful day.


fall-inspired-tablescape-home-decor Fall-decor-home-decor-table-setting


Birthday Staycation At The Intercontinental Hotel Mpls/airport.


Hello beauties, 

I’ve heard a few states in the Midwest got their first flurries… some, like my lovely Minnne-snow-ta, got quite a bit more than just flurries! As we speak, most roofs all look the same 😊 matching the crisp white color that covers what used to be, just a couple days ago, green grass sprinkled with yellow and light brown leaves! Yeah, it’s safe to say Fall is in full effect!

Now that I’ve got over the shock of seeing snow plowers all over the city, trying to get to areas where cars are devilishly spinning their tires in the hope of getting unstuck from this thick white snow, I would like to share a great experience I had over my birthday weekend. – Yes it’s still my birthday day month, and I get to talk about it one more time. 🙂


A couple weekends ago, I got the opportunity to partner up with Intercontinental Hotel – Airport, here in the Twin Cities. This partnership couldn’t have come at a more perfect time! Covid, putting a screeching halt to any plans of “big” birthday party, got us leaning toward going on a birthday trip with the family instead. About a week prior to our trip, the destination city recorded some spikes in their Covid cases, which forced us, for the sake of safety, to cancel our trip… No worries, it’s not all bad.


My wonderful hubby, in complicity with his partners in crime, A.K.A. my daughters decided to take things into their own hands and give me the best bday staycation weekend I’ve ever had! The partnership with Intercontinental Hotel – Minneapolis Airport allowed me the weekend stay Friday to Sunday accommodating us with a executive suite for hubs and I with an adjoining junior suite for the girls… Yeah, the bday weekend was looking better already! 😉


With still some collaboration work to be turned in and hubby also needing to get some work done before the d-day, we both got to experience the new WFH: Working From Hotel! The girls, in their own room, with allocated room service, a big screen TV with hundreds of channels… and,  most importantly, their phones and iPads, were busy enough right next door to allow us to get some work done!


With a spacious desk at which hubby was quick to set up shop (shotgun style 😂) and a huge sectional sofa where I was more than happy to relax and plug away at my work, the accommodation was more than perfect for Work From Hotel!


That part of the weekend concluded early in the evening and we got to join the girls to take in the spectacular view right from our suite. We also enjoyed planes taking off and landing for – I would say – about an hour or so. Believe it or not, it was quite fascinating to see hundreds of planes taking off and landing in an almost robotic fashion. Of course, we were quick to turn the whole thing into a game as we tried to guess how many people were aboard, where they were going and/or coming from… 😂Yeah, that’s my family!


😅Some in-room massage was ordered in for yours truly – compliments of hubby – followed by room service dinner.

I would like to mention here that Intercontinental Hotel has 3 awesome locations here in the Twin Cities. One of my reasons for partnering up with them is the tremendous role they play in raising awareness for breast cancer. And we all know – especially you, ladies – that we cannot close the month of October without focusing one more time on this serious affliction that lures over us all!
– Yeah, this is a subject that, as a woman, particularly hits close to the heart… ok, let’s  go back to the bday weekend. –

Then comes Saturday, my birthday. Hubby and the girls woke up super early, and very quietly, lightly decorated our suite and arranged the many gifts and balloons they got for me, and waited for me to wake up.


I will spare you the details of how eventful my special day was, as this post is to emphasis on my stay at the Intercontinental Hotel – Airport.
For my birthday dinner we got to experience the French-inspired cuisine of the hotel restaurant… drumroll… La Voya!


The ambiance of the place was very relaxing and quite inviting. Their staff, very welcoming and pleasant… yes, we could see those smiles through their face covering! They were quick and very helpful in recommending beverages for us the adults and meals for the girls. Dinner was to die for and their tiramisu, OMG!


The Hotel is definitely on our repeat list for  staycations or friends and family coming in town. I love the fact that they put in place many precautionary measures for Covid-19.
It was a safe stay and an awesome experience altogether, but don’t take my word for it. Why don’t you come find out for yourself?


My Minneapolis friends, want to get away without going away? Out of towners, want the only thing separating your Hotel from the airport to be a skyway? There you have it: Intercontinental Hotel Minneapolis – Airport! 😉

This post is sponsored by the Intercontinental Hotel – Airport. All opinions are mine. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Hypnoz glam.

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Electric Blue Sexy Open Back Dress


Hello beauties,

I hope you’re having an amazing day. It’s really starting to feel like autumn in my corner of the hood, so don’t get it twisted. Lol. I’m not out here showing my back and leaving my arms out on those Minnesota Streets. So, if you see me sharing outfits like this one, know that they had been shot before fall has come into full effect. Just about last week, the weather has been fairly nice, and we couldn’t complain, for some of us love fall and all the great things that come with it.

This beautiful electric blue sexy back was part of my birthday outfits shoot. I wanted a beautiful dress that was elegant yet sexy and not overpowering; and this definitely fits the description… at least in my book.

Blue is one of my favorite colors; and this electric blue against the premium hand-beaded beads and Swarovski details is so divine! And the cape? Gorgeous! Truth be told, I wasn’t going to wear this dress for my shoot. I have gained a few pounds and I thought the dress could fit better, but you know what, I went for it anyways. Sometimes, I have to remember to stop being my worst critic and let that to the world. I wish I had more and better shots, but I’m in love with the dress and also with the few shots that have turned good.

The behind the scenes wasn’t so glamorous, to say the least (but isn’t it usually the case?). I had two huge numeric balloons in my hands, fighting against the wind and the rain among other things, trying to make every pose looks perfect; but clearly perfection is overrated, isn’t it?!

what do you think of this look! Share your thoughts with me.


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