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5 Valentine’s Day home celebration ideas

Valentine’s Day is this weekend and I know that due to the world pandemic, most people would have to celebrate at home. Sure, It’s has become our new normal, but it doesn’t have to be…

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How to style leather on leather | Faux-leather Pants and Shirt

Hello beauties, I’m not very big on trends, and I don’t try to fit with the crowd… Why would I? Aren’t we imperfectly unique as individuals!? 😉 However, when the trend is right up my…

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Polka Dots And Ruffles | A Mother & Daughter Affair

Hello beauties, February is already being a very busy month with only a few days left, but I can’t complain. Busy is good, and while the ideal is to work hard to meet whatever goals…

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Red cute and comfy tracksuit for Valentine’s Day and Beyond.

Hello beauties, Yes, Valentine’s Day is around the corner; and I can’t help it but share this cute and fabulous tracksuit that I think will make a perfect Valentine’s Day look with you guys. It’s…

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Monochromatic Glam Winter look | Two ways to style your sequin dress

Most people think of winter-Fashion as non-existent; and I get it. The weather is dry and cold and all we want to do is bundle up in some heavy winter coats and a pair of…

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